My thoughts, or your thoughts, on new Pacifica-related gear you’ve bought or tried.

Pacifica 611HFM Root Beer

My mate Steve has just got this beauty for an absolute bargain price secondhand on Ebay UK, £230. It’s a totally fabulous guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups, Graphtech bridge saddles and nut, locking tuners and a coil tap on the bridge humbucker. The neck is much fatter than my old 90s Pacificas, much more like a classic old Tele or Strat. I really like it, fills your grip and feels really comfy to play. But what makes this guitar amazing is the sound, especially the P90 pickup in the neck slot which just sings. You can literally get any sound you’re after from this guitar and since, buying it, Steve hasn’t taken his Les Paul Goldtop out of its case! The Root Beer and tortoiseshell pickguard combo, with matching headstock, might not be to everyone’s taste but I quite like its quirkiness.