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  1. I have a Yamaha Pacifica 521-D I bought off Ebay back in November 2017 with D’addario Pickups for $299.00 W/HSC! Scale wise it’s a 9.5 ‘just some small scratches and a couple of marks (Excellent cond.).. In my 47 years of playing guitar Professionally it’s the best playing & sounding guitar I have ever owned. I’ve owned Strat’s Tele’s Gibson Les Paul’s & SG’s To the best of my recollection none of them could beat out this guitar. As a song writer musician
    it’s a blessing to have found this nice of a guitar. I have a CD’ on I-tunes/CD Baby & many other sites Songs chosen from many masters I have done over the past 30 yrs.. It’s called (Keepsakes) by Dan Heynen all original doing most all the Instruments ‘Vocals & Harmonies. I can’t wait to use this guitar on my next recording. The Pacifica 521-D’s a hard guitar to find ,but they are out there & I advise any guitarist looking for a special axe decently priced expertly made to pick it up don’t let it get away! Dan Heynen..

    • Hi Dan, don’t think you’ll find too many people arguing with you on this site about how under-rated Pacificas are. I’m amazed how few pros play them but people love their Strats and Teles I guess. Welcome to the site and thanks for commenting. Send me a pic to feature if you’d like to. Cheers

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