Your Pacificas

Got a Yamaha Pacifica you’d like to show the world? Send it to me and I’ll post it here.

Henk in South Africa has gone to town on his 112, adding very nice white Graphtech bridge saddles, a pearl scratchplate, (very expensive) Fishman active pickups that give you a traditional Strat sound plus a bit of Texas Specials style grit via a push pull on the tone pot, with the battery sitting in the tremelo cavity, held by the blocked off tremelo springs.


Here’s a superb refinish/upgrade job on a 502V from Davy Maguire in Ireland. Here’s what he says: “I filled the tremolo cavity with a mahogany block & put a Callaham hardtail bridge on it, bone nut, locking Schaller tuners, kept the Seymour Duncan SP90s (because they’re amazing) but changed the covers to nickel that I sourced from Crox guitars! I had a guy called Colin Gillese from Northern Ireland refinish the guitar in a pearlescent gunmetal grey & the pickguard was made by a local luthier Ernie McMillen!!  I have a bit of a love affair with this one!”

To prove that our influence is spreading worldwide, here’s an unusual 604w sent by Bill McM in Australia. I’ve never seen a natural one before. Bill says: “I found out that it was one of the first 604w guitars made, the 604w was only available in Black, Cherry Sunburst or Translucent Blue, so I wondered whether my guitar had been refinished. But after removing the neck and hardware it was obvious that the guitar had never been any other colour. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved.”


John Ze from one of the Pacifica Facebook groups has done a great job on this 112 to make it highly unique-looking. He says: “It’s been upgraded with a Lollartron in the bridge and two area 59 Dimarzios. The bridge and tuners were changed to generic gold ones. We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver. My wife helped me draw the feathers (not leaves as Simon from thought) on the pickguard after it was sprayed black.”

Here’s what he says

Joel Lolin, also from Facebook’s Yamaha Pacific Lovers page, has done some nice work on his guitars. Top one is not strictly a Pacifica, it’s an SC700 but the distressed 120 tele shape is and it’s a great-looking guitar.

Philip in the US is a big fan of Yamaha Pacifica 12Os, he has three. He’s sent us this pic of an original big logo 120 that he’s customised beautifully.

Here’s what he says “When I purchased this Yamaha 120sd, it was originally a natural wood color but quite rough. The electronics were DOA. The neck and fretboard were near perfect. (go figure!) I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. Wanting a 2-tone body, I first finished the sides in clear varnish. Then stained the top and back a walnut brown. (used a water based stain so it couldn’t bleed into the already varnished sides. Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. The pick-ups are from a MIM Fender Stratocaster. The pick-guard is a generic Strat-type tortoise-shell. The body required quite a bit of routing to accommodate the three single coils pickups and controls. The tortoise-shell pick-guard also had to be re-shaped to fit the 120sd.”

Pacifica 112 gets some lurrrrve

A warm welcome to our new friend Omar Khan who has been doing some very inspiring work on his 112VMX as these pictures testify…

Here are the specs:

Bridge: Super Vee Blade Runner Tremelo with Brass Block
Electricals:, Dimarzio 5-Way switch and push/pull volume and tone for coil split and low cut (high pass) filter
Bridge pup: Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon
Middle pup: Seymour Duncan SSL-1
Neck pup: Dimarzio Satch Track
Tuners: Red Sperzel Locking
Nut & Saddles: Graphtech
Not forgetting the skull and crossbones knobs!

Love this Pacifica with soft edges…

Another new visitor to the site, Rober Sanx sent me a picture of his very inspiring120S conversion, complete with reshaped body and headstock, scalloped frets at the top end, blow-torched and oiled finish, a pickup mod and fretboard inlay. Looks like a very expensive custom guitar now. You can see a little movie on Youtube of some of the work-in-progress stages of his project here: Rober’s Video

How about this: a Pacifica with Yamaha mis-spelled?

Meanwhile, here’s a really mysterious Pacifica 904 from Sergio. The Yamaha is spelt YaHaMa on the headstock!!!! How on earth did this happen? Anyone got any ideas? Is this a one-off prototype or what? Surely these logos are just transfers?


My first thought that it was a counterfeit but it has everything else present, Warmoth neck etc. Does anyone know where the serial number is on a 904?

And talking of odd headstocks, Henk in the Netherlands sent this pic of his 712. Very old-style fat lettering on the Pacifica logo compared with most of the 90s models.

New friend of the site and new Pacifica fan is Tapsa from Sweden. Here’s his superb 502V.vend308651_630x630 vend308651_630x630 (1)

And, bitten by the bug, he’s now got a Tele-style 311 too!


How to plan your next modifications…

Now, bit of an unusual one. Neill in the UK has been musing on his ideal Pacifica…over to Neil to talk us through….

“I saw a Fret King Superhybrid for sale and, although they are great guitars, I can’t stand their Batwing headsocks and Wave scratchplates; they just seem to be trying too hard to NOT be Fenders when that is what they clearly are. So I thought, ‘how could I do a better job?’.  In the corner of my room stood my Pacifica 112 and I soon realised that the body shape would be right, the new smaller scratchplate would be right too.  It was time to photoshop my ultimate Pacifica.

The great thing about the Fret King Superhybrid was the addition of a Wilkinson Acoustabridge with under saddle piezos which would give me acoustic sounds like Pete Townsend’s Strat.

A coil splitting ‘bucker in roughly the Tele’s bridge position could be good too though, in retrospect, I may stick with a Tele pickup there.

And a P90 at the neck. Always wanted a P90 at the neck.

Scratchplate?  Stick to Pacifica or freshly make a Tele-shaped one…or combine the two!

All of the knobs could be moved from their original Pacifica positions to new ones without leaving ugly scars except for one but, joy of joys, that could be covered if I moved the jack socket to the body front with a Strat ‘boat’ plate.  This has always been my least favourite thing about the Pacifica, when sitting down on the sofa, the cable catches on cushions and so on.  Clearly the big-bellied, fat-forearmed Telecaster testers who helped Leo design the Strat had the same complaint here too. And if I swivelled that boat socket to the horizontal it would mean the cable was heading in the right direction to go over the strap pin when strapped on.”

So here are Neill’s ideas in pics. What do we think?

Fret King superhybrid pacifica 611 vfm superhybrid hybrid jazz plate PACIFICA scratchplate RED HEADSTOCK pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA MOTHER OF PLASTIC WHITE SCRATCHPLATE SURF GREEN HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA SCRATCHPLATE RED HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA TORT TELE SCRATCHPLATE SURF GREEN HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid PACIFICA SCRATCHPLATE CHOICE 2 Pacifica superhybrid with Mustang control plate

 Pacifica collections to be jealous of!

This sensational collection is owned by Kieran Dargan. Sneaked a non-Pacifica in there but as it’s a Yamaha we’ll let it go!kieran dargan pacifica

Great shot of a collection of high end models just in from Rob in the Netherlands…

BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. FRONT:Pacifica 721 (left), Pacifica 721 with Pacifica 512 loaded pickguard

BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. FRONT:Pacifica 721 (left), Pacifica 721 with Pacifica 512 loaded pickguard

Pacifica fan Rob in Atlanta, USA, sent these three lovely 112s for the gallery.Pacifica fan Rob in Atlanta, USA, sent these three lovely 112s for the gallery.


This one's a mystery! Anyone know whether this is a rare custom model or a home-made custom job? Thanks to Rafa for sharing.

This one’s a mystery! Anyone know whether this is a rare custom model or a home-made custom job? Thanks to Rafa for sharing.


435 thoughts on “Your Pacificas

  1. Rafael Medina on said:

    Hello forgive the translation of my English but I’m using a translator to escribierle this. That I own a yamaha pacifica out of the ordinary its serial number is: ML22116 if you tell me your email could send pictures to see if I can say that model is, thank you very much.

  2. Steve Thompson on said:

    Hi, I own a blue 604w , great guitar. I recently bought a Gibson 490T humbucker for the bridge position. Can someone advise me on the wiring. As you know the 604 is coil tapped and the Gibson pickup I have has 4 wires. Thanks Steve.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for coming to the site. Short answer is that you can just wire the Gibson in as a direct swap for the 604’s existing humbucker as that has four wires too, to allow the coil tap. As long as you know which are the live leads and which are the earths you’ll be fine. Different makes have different colour schemes annoyingly. But if you want a diagram, either look at the link to the Artec wiring book below, which might have one (haven’t checked), but failing that go to the Seymour Duncan site which has every wiring setup known to man! If you can’t find one, come back and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers

      • Hey, Woz, thanks for that. Great to build up a resource file. Cheers.

    • Because the 604w has two single-coils together in the bridge position rather than a true humbucker, I found that a little extra work was required to get things working right with a replacement humbucker. I found that after installing a 4-connector dimarzio humbucker, splitting the humbucker and selecting position 2 (bridge+middle) did not result in hum cancelling. I assume this is because of how Yamaha organized which single coils were RWRP for the factory configuration. Re-installing and rewiring the neck pickup into the middle position (and middle pickup into the neck position) solved the problem for me.

      • Thanks for that. Interested to know why you didn’t like the original Yamaha pickup?

        • I wanted a medium-high output humbucker suitable for an 80s hard rock sound, and to better pick up hammer-ons and pinch harmonics. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking.

          • Yes, I can understand that. I’ve replaced the pickups in all my Pacifica Teles to give them a little more personality. And in the white 112 which has the Dimarzio Super Distortion plus the five stage boost/distortion switch. That’s an awesome mod if you’re looking for serious rock power!

  3. Storris on said:

    Hi, I have a 302s in brown with gold and mother of pearl guard. I love the guitar but it looks like something from the wrong end of the seventies, so some fairly drastic mods are in the pipeline, with a tremolo conversion and a 3rd pickup.

    I was just wondering really what the difference is between the x02s. On those I’ve seen the body, neck, hardware and controls all appear to be identical between the 3 models. Could you point me to some spec sheets please?

    • Hi, thanks for coming to the site. As far as I am aware the differences are just cosmetic, as you say. With the Pacifica ‘telecasters’ you don’t really see any real difference until you go to the Mike Stern 1511. Even the 1511 has the same neck as the 02s but with the neck humbucker. The 120s are different from the 02s though, with a much bigger body and the two humbuckers of course. But, again, the necks are identical on the 02s, 120s and 112s too. I swap them all around willy nilly! Here’s Yamaha’s discontinued models page: HERE

      • Storris on said:

        Thanks for the reply and the link. That’s what I suspected but its nice to have confirmation.

        • My pleasure. Love to see a pic when you’ve done your mods. We can stick it on the site. Actually I see that I wrote “Even the the 1511 has the same neck”…I meant the 311 of course. The 1511 has a vintage Fender spec with 7.25 radius etc.

  4. Iv got a Yam pac custom shop from early 90s.Floyd Rose ,2 hum buckets 1 coil,gold hardware,burnt orange body.No serial number or model number.Strat shape.Can anyone help me on model number and worth.Thanks

    • Kieran Dargan on said:

      Pac usa 1 and 2 (Strat and Tele) shapes – average $800-$1000 depending on condition – yours sounds like a USA 2 – no longer made

  5. Please can you let me know where i can find a top of the range pacifica and MIJ,USA pacifica guitars also thank you..

  6. Please can you inform me where I can purchase a MIJ and USA pacifica guitar, Also where can I get a complete pacifica catalog..thx you..

    • Hi Russell, thanks for visiting my site. This site isn’t affiliated to Yamaha in any way so can’t supply you with dealers etc. Suggest you visit the main Yamaha website for your country. But eBay is your friend for used Pacificas at great prices. Good luck with you search, let us know if you cop a bargain! Cheers

    • Hi Rob, thanks for visiting the site. That is a lovely collection of top-end Pacificas, very nice! Can I use the pictures on the site?

      • Rob Elissen on said:

        Sorry for my late response, but I would be honoured! Cheers!
        Peace to all of you,


    • Your picture is now on the site. I went to the Facebook page to join but they seem to be taking a long time to approve my membership!

  7. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi there I just purchased a Pac120s and need to replace the nut it is not the original one but don’t know what the dimension of the original one should be any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Louis, I measured the nut on my 120 and it’s 41 mm. But I got a new nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha. If you find your local Yamaha office and call them they will order one for you at very little cost. Or take it into your local guitar shop and buy a blank. Good luck and thanks for coming to the site.

  8. Louis Lautz on said:

    Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response I live in Mexico and will see if they can get one for me at the yamaha store meanwhile I will try to rework the existing nut that is in very poor shape. In your opinion are these guitars worth fixing up.
    Mine is a PAC 120sd and I am thinking of replacing the humbuckers for the traditional tele single coil configuration and ading a scratchplate.
    greetings from Tlayacapan Morelos Mexico

    • No problem, happy to help. As to whether it’s worth fixing up, as long as the neck and frets are in good shape, definitely yes. I have fixed up and customised quite a few Pacificas and think they are fantastic guitars after a little attention. But the 120 will need a lot of work to convert it to tele style pickups: the routes are all wrong, in the wrong places and of course you’d need a new bridge to make it a proper tele style guitar. And you’d have to make the scratchplate to fit!! Not sure it’s worth the effort and cost when you can buy a Pacifica 102 with all that stuff done for you! I have simply replaced the pickups (with Artec rickenbacker style ones) in my 120 and painted it bright yellow now (see picture on the site). In case you hadn’t realised, the 120 has a much fatter, heavier body than the 102 too. They look the same at first glance but they’re not, although the necks are interchangeable. Hope that helps!

  9. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi , I will pay attention to your suggestion and exchange the humbuckers for some other ones maybe some P90’S if I can find some decent priced second hand here in Mexico i like the smaller body on this guitar and will consider sanding the body and refinishing in a slightly darker tone will send images of the project as it is done.
    best wishes always

  10. Hello there! I’ve been a fan of Pacificas and your website for years! It’s only recently I have begun to have a sort of obsession with all Yamaha guitars and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions regarding some of the various models that exist. Thanks again for this website and hope to hear from you soon.

    • They can get you like that. I should know! I’ll answer any questions I can but I”m by no means a guru, just a fan like you.

      • Tell me about it! I began playing on an old Yamaha acoustic. Later I found out it was an FG-335 from the 70’s that my mother bought my father as a gift before they were married. Anyway, a few years ago I felt I needed a new electric after years with my Schecter, and that I wanted a tremolo equipped guitar. I found a Pacifica 612v at a local guitar shop, in mint condition, for $600. Went home, researched it, and ran back to the store before it was gone. The store owner still kicks himself to this day, says he should have sold it for more. One hell of a guitar and my favorite Yamaha by far.

        I then bought a C70 classical guitar and it was then that I truly realized the value of these guitars and what Yamaha represents. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. Over the past year, I’ve bought a cheap FS650MS acoustic, a used natural Pacifica 120SJ (upgraded) tele style, an EG112 for my girlfriend (upgraded as well), an RGX121S in satin black and there have been a few that have gotten away, but I’m always looking. I’m GASing for an RGZ112P in black or white. I can’t get enough of these guitars!

        • Yep, I have a similar story. Had an old acoustic, then an AEX jazzy semi-acoustic before buying my son a 604w as his first proper guitar. I was amazed by the quality/price ratio and since then have bought seven Pacificas for myself. Cheap as chips on eBay, cheapest was £40!. Perfect for customising and generally mucking about with as you can see from the pics. The pickups and paint cost more than the guitar in some cases!

  11. So your son’s first guitar was perfection. What a lucky kid! Is it true that the 604w has two single coils put together instead of the traditional humbucker for the hss route? I read somewhere that there is also a 604 without the wilkinson or am I getting confused with the 812v/812w? Haven’t read about those models in ages… and also, are you familiar with the RGZ112P? Those are the predecessors to the Pacifica line from what I can see! I want one really bad, and one in black actually slipped through my fingers on ebay not too long ago. It was modded with a rail type neck pickup and duncan bridge.

    • The 604 has a tapped humbucker which means you can pull up the tone control and it becomes a single coil for a proper strat sound. Very common on modern humbuckers to be able to do this. I have a feeling the lastest Pacifica 112s all have this too although the 90s ones I have don’t. Yes the W stands for Wilkinson, and you can indeed find 604s with a different tremelo unit. No don’t know the RGZs as such. I’ll check them out, thanks.

      • To be clear, the humbucker in the 604W is composed of two discrete single coil pickups wired together. They are in separate housings, held by separate mounting screws, and have separate magnets. Once you pull them out and disconnect the leads, you could install them in separate guitars.

        • Well there you go! That’s why I set this site up so people can share their knowledge. Thanks, Craig, I had no idea but no now I look at them you’re clearly correct. I’ve never taken a 604w apart, unlike the 112s and 102s and 120.

          • I’ve just discovered what the numbering systems means on Pacificas, thanks to a youtube post. (I’ve added a link in the Links panel). The first is the quality level of body, second is number of humbuckers, third is number of single coils, letters describe other attributes eg M for maple, D for alternative Tele shape etc. So 604w I guess means level 6 quality, no humbuckers, 4 single coils, Wilkinson trem. Which all fits perfectly!

  12. That’s exactly what I was referring to. Two single coils placed next to each other. This must have a different tone when distorted but must sound much more authentic as single coil when split.

    • A humbucker is essentially two single coils next to each other of course, that’s how it cancels the hum and smoothes out the sound but it does look like the 604 takes this a step further construction wise. So Craig, do the new 112s just have a regular coil tap on their humbucker or are they two proper single coils too like the 604?

      • My Pacifica 112VM is a new model with the simplified headstock logo that I love. If the presence if adjustment screws is an indicator of how the bridge pickup is designed, I can confirm that mine just has two, suggesting that it is a standard splittable humbucker.

        Whatever the matter it sounds really nice and boosty in ‘bucker mode and Stratty enough for me and very clean when split although I notice that Music Radar weren’t overly keen on the split mode sound. God, I love that close-up photo of a baby blue Pacifica.

        • In fact, I can see now that it’s clearly standard humbucker with adjustable poles and solid slugs.

  13. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi Guys just a quick question I recently purchased my firts Yamaha Pacifica its a Pac 120 and really like the sound I get from the humbuckers but my sight is really on the Pac 102 sx and recently saw one on a local website here in Mexico my question is , in your opinion which is the better guitar should I purchase the 102 sx or just saty with the 120 I like both of them.

    • You can’t really say one is better or worse, they are just different. If you want a guitar that sounds like a basic Telecaster, go for the 102. If you want a guitar that sounds more like a Gibson or Tele Deluxe, stick with the 120. The 102 body is thinner and lighter too if that makes any difference to you. They look similar at first glance but they aren’t. Although the necks are identical. I have both and they’re both fantastic. Not sure if that helps! 🙂

      • Hello Louis and Admin!

        I agree with the admin (as I have before) and both are really great guitars but depends on what kind of music you like playing. Heavier music demands more output, and the 120 is perfect as it is equipped with dual humbuckers. I own a Pacifica 120SJ:
        (will post all of my pacificas and yamaha guitars to soon)

        If you are looking to play lighter styles of music that require less distortion or output, then go for the 102, but honestly, you have a heck of a guitar already. If you want better pickups, replace with some that can be split, and then you may be able to coax some convincing single coil sounds out of it without having to replace the guitar (depending on your gear, amp, etc.)

        I say keep the 120SJ, it’s a great playing guitar, with great tuners, great frets, great stock pickups (yes, I admit this, I still haven’t changed mine), and the most comfortable neck I’ve yet to play and I have played many and owned many high end guitars. The Pacifica 120 is a keeper in my eyes.

      • Louis Lautz on said:

        thanks I am very pleased with the 120 so much im considering selling my squier telecaster to go afetr and purchase the 102 sx
        if the 102 sx sounds and play like the 120 i think its the end of the line for my squier tele.
        thanks for your help

        • I would say that the 102 is a better guitar than the Squier on the whole. Nicer neck, cutaway body, better hardware. One thing I would recommend is shielding the electrics though. Takes 15 minutes and removes 90% of the hum. I have three 102s, all modded. SHows how much I love them!

  14. Louis Lautz on said:

    Thanks I like the 120 very much I find my self grabbing for it all the time , I like the neck pickup also nice sounding stock pickup don’t think I will change anything on it.

    I play it through a Mustang l Fender amp downloaded a Roland JC120 from the fender community software and sounds real nice.
    thank you for your feedback
    best wishes

    • Those Mustangs are fabulous amps, seriously under-rated.

  15. Louis Lautz on said:

    Yes I agree 100% with you and the real magic comes alive with the FUSE fender community downloads there are quite a few to choose from depending on tastes. Enough from the amp lets talk about Pacificas, any suggestions on the strat type as best purchase best player. i see ther is one with humbucker and P-90

    • In terms of bang for your buck, I’d have to recommend the 604w from the mid nineties. Really well made, really tough hardware, great neck…a real step up from a basic 112. Easily as good as an entry level US Fender strat if not better. But 904s are even nicer but tend to be expensive and rare secondhand. I wouldn’t bother with the new Pacificas, myself.

      • Would you care to elaborate on that last comment about the latest Pacificas? You mean the 112v or in general? I thought the 611 and 510 look quite impressive, everything to the hardware looks nice on those!

        • I just don’t like the look of most of them. But to be fair I haven’t played any of them for any length of time. The 90s ones are so cheap that I can’t imagine buying a newer one. Not even sure if they do a high end range any more like the old 904s, for example, with Warmoth necks and inlays etc other than the Mike Stern tele. Which is just a US tele clone with a Yamaha badge on, in effect.

  16. I haven’t played them either, but I like to think that they have the thin and comfortable necks that most Yamaha strat/tele bodies have. That 510 is the one that most appeals to me of all of them, mostly because of the vintage tremolo, but if it had a single coil in the neck position as well, i would have probably already bought it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Yammie with humbucker bridge + single coil neck and vintage tremolo, as those only come with licensed floyd rose bridges.

    • I’m sure they’re great – I’ve never seen a Yamaha that wasn’t, acually!

    • 510 is a great guitar I had one and can’t figure out why I got rid of it. It’s actually quite versatile. The Seymour Duncan in it was immense . Neck to me seemed a if it was bigger than a 112V maybe it was the gloss finish giving me that impression although it did seem to have more space on the fretboard. I recall it was routed hss at least mine was . I think I may possibly get another one I loved that guitar.

  17. Louis Lautz on said:

    Need help with fret wire size for pac 120 crown size hight width any ideas?
    my newly purchased second hand guitar needs new frets.

    • Personally, I’ve no idea. Are you going to do the job yourself? You’re very brave.

    • Louis Lautz on said:

      Thanks, JA
      Its seems that there is plenty info on this link I havent done anything to the frets yet but plan on getting the job done with a certified luthier instead of messing up the guitar. thanks for the post very informative .
      Greetings from Tlayacapan , Mexico

  18. Rob Elissen on said:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for posting my pic! By the way: I made a mistake; the cream coloured Pacifica in the back (in the right) is a Pacifica 521. Again, thanx and great site!

    Best wishes,

    Rob Elissen

  19. Just to say I’ve posted another couple of funky 120s on the Pacificas on the web page including a brilliant-looking three pickup job

  20. Miguel on said:

    I am a proud owner of a moded Yamaha 112vm. and found this site.
    how can i share with all the fans my aqquisition?
    Other question is either the link about scrashplates posted by you, is there any other site where i can get more scrathcplates options?

    Thanks and keep rocking.

    • Hi Miguel thanks for visiting Yamaha If you want to send me a picture I’ll post it on the YOUR PACIFICAS page. Send to
      As for scratchplates, that UK seller is the only one I’ve used but they are popping up on eBay now, with sellers in China. It’s quite easy to make your own too which is load of fun. There are some instructions in my How to Customise page or this is a great video: and part two here:
      Look forward to getting the picture!

      • Miguel on said:

        Hello Simon,
        I did something wrong with the email reveived from the site…
        But i will send the pictures 🙂 …

  21. I have a Pacifica 612v with the Yamaha 2 Point trem.

    I’m wondering how easy would it be to replace the Yamaha trem with a Wilkinson VS100 or some other quality 2 Point trem?

    • In theory it’s a simple job but the issue is whether you’d have to make any alterations to the wood which is a pain and obviously easy to mess up. What’s wrong with the Yam trem, though?

  22. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi guys I have a question does anyone know if the Pacifica120 telecaster style two humbucker model was ever built in Japan or have they always been built in Taiwan? I saw one for sale and the guy claims it is made in Japan.

    • HI LOU, no idea to be honest, but I’d be surprised if they were ever made in Japan. As far as I know it was only the very top end models that were made in Japan. You could drop a note to Yamaha and ask them. Cheers

    • Hi Louis, I have a Pacifica 120SJ (natural finish, two humbuckers telecaster style) and it is made in Indonesia. An excellent guitar, with awesome neck, awesome frets, awesome tuners and great stock pickups. I changed out the nut, bridge, pots, caps, knobs and it is a beast. My guitar tech asked how much I’d sell it for – I told him I won’t!

      Anyway, there is the telecaster style, double humbucker guitar by Yamaha called the SJ 550 (HR, HM). It is supposedly a MIJ and made around ’85 or ’86. I’ve read they are great playing guitars.

      My aforementioned PAC120SJ tele guitar, although great stock, is getting a pickup change. SH-2 in the neck and SH-5 in the bridge. I will probably sleep with the guitar next to me after this change.

  23. Kieran Dargan on said:

    can i send you some photos of mine., Pac 521, 721, 4 x 821D, 1 X 812V, , 921, 1412, and 3x 1421 – the 821’s and 1421’s are my faves to play – kieran

    • TWELVE top end Pacificas???? Wow, yes send some pictures to me to put on the site. That’s a very impressive collection indeed.

    • Wow. Please do, that is most likely the most impressive list of Yamahas owned I’ve seen to date. You have great taste!

  24. Kieran Dargan on said:

    hey where do I e mail you photos – can’t find an e mail address

  25. Kenrick on said:

    I wanted to send you pics of my modded pacifica 012 could you send me your email i.d. ??

  26. NEILL DODD on said:

    Some great cost saving advice here, especially the slug tape (only ever seen discussions about tin foil on forums before but never slug tape) and grub screws… I’ll not be sawing any more of mine short again!

    Would like to send you some photoshopped ideas of my ultimate Pacifica based on the Fret King SuperHybrid. How do I upload them?

  27. Michael Caines on said:


    A friend of mine is current doing a Pacifica project and its coming along nicely. As a surprise i wanted to get him new neck plate and have it engraved… However it is proving impossible to find anyone that sells Pacifica neck plates!

    Do you or anyone else know where i might be able to buy one from?

    Many thanks

    • I’ve never seen one, personally, for sale. But it may be that another manufacturer uses the same size. Not Fender, though, I think theirs are wider but I may be wrong. If all else fails you can get on to your country’s Yamaha office who will order you the actual Yamaha part. I did this for some replacement nuts here in the UK and the service was excellent…so was the price.

    • I have a spare one somewhere its off a 510v and is engraved with yamaha

  28. trampus lane on said:

    i have a pacifica 112v good guitar right out of the box but i did some mods………love the stock pickups so no changes there added gotoh periloid buttons to stock tuners complete 6 point fender trem with big block satten steel saddles from us standard strat bolted right on in about 15 20 minutes had it ready to play planet waves elepical strap pegs gotoh roller string tree now this guitar is comparable to any fender strat even usa but way cheaper my other favorite guitar is a samick greg bennett sig series mb3 this guitar is the top line one wilkinson trem grover tuners fender usa custom shop pickup/electronics

    • HI thanks for visiting the site. Love to see a pic of your modded 112. Please send to and I’ll put it on the site. Cheers!

      • TRAMPUS LANE on said:


        • Thanks for coming to the site. Love to see a pic of the 112J.

        • TRAMPUS LANE on said:


          • I love a P90 in the bridge. My son’s 604 has the SD Phat Cat or whatever it’s called and it sounds amazing compared with the original bridge unit.

          • DavidGilnot on said:

            I have spent a week trying to get David Gilmour’s Final Cut tone out of my 112. Normally it handles Gilmour’s strat tones very well but I just can’t get the beef out of that bridge humbucker, split or not split, it seems to remain nasal. I’ve tweaked all the amp settings on my Fender Champ 25 SE and mixed up my pedal chain but it just won’t be BIG. I was just pondering a P90 there instead whan I got an email that alerted me to your post. How’d you like that P90, Trampus?

          • Are you certain it’s a strat you’re trying to match? He often uses other guitars, esp his P90 Les Paul Goldtop as on ANother Brick in the Wall.

    • NEILL DODD on said:

      My Pacifica 112 was bad right out of the box. The frets had been stoned level but not crowned. I only realised how bad they were when trying to play Dire Straits’ ‘Single Handed Sailor’ and found the frets acting as brakes to my sliding finger. Took a bit of fettling to get them beautiful but its all part of bonding with your guitar.

      • Did you crown them yourself? I’ve never done any real fret work apart from basic sanding/smoothing and edge rolling. ALways worried I’d do more damage than good!

        • NEILL DODD on said:

          Yep, did them myself and without buying specialist tools or fret board guards.

          I taped masking tape between the frets, having first stuck each strip to the back of my hand a couple of times to reduce the stickiness, and followed with electrical tape on top so that everything was nice and protected. Used the old red Sharpie pen (black can be hard to see) on top of each fret so there was a line that I new could get thinner and thinner as I filed but must not disappear. Then I just used two files; one a standard DIY store file and the other a fine diamond encrusted nail file. Then just finished up with wire wool and sink cream cleaner to buff out all the filing marks and get a mirror shine before taking of the protection.

          It wasn’t as slow as I imagined it was going to be but has made a huge difference. And the nice part is that you can get everything just the way YOU want it.

          I guess a fret file with smooth edges would have made life a little less troublesome and more risk free, and if I was doing several guitars I’d definitely get one, but I wouldn’t bother with one of those crowning files that seem to cost the earth as I think they would give less control and would dictate the crowning profile too much.

          The taping was perfectly adequate in protecting the board and I’d have no fear about doing it again.

          Unless you are the kind of person for whom even separating tea bags is a calamity zone, you CAN do it. Just think ahead and prepare well. Give yourself some good lighting and in little over an hour and a half you will have the finest feeling frets this side of Fretfordshire. Can’t guarantee ‘Single Handed Sailor’ will become instantly playable though.

          • Really interesting. You haven’t got any pics of the work in progress have you? Expanded a bit, your description would make a great mini article for the website to sit alongside my relic-ing, customising one. Or have you got a link to where you learnt to do this, or anything similar?

  29. NEILL DODD on said:

    Hi. Didn’t think to take pics or video this (I was too busy enjoying myself). I did a lot of research around YouTube and used Dan Erlewine’s book ‘How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great’ Along with my own personal experience over the years. Dan has a number of great trustworthy videos up on You Tube about all manner of things and he’s never let me down. Beware though, there are a number of YouTube videos that could indeed render your precious Pacifica unplayable!

    • Funnily enough, I’ve got that book too! I wonder could you send me a close up pic of the frets as they are now then and I’ll use your stuff in the comments to concoct a quick page, if that’s acceptable to you? If you’ve got a specific link to a YT vid you’d recommend that would be great too. Thanks for getting so involved! Simon

    • Actually a pic of the file and nail file etc would be great too!

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        I’ll get on it tomorrow, Simon.

        • No rush whatsoever, but that would be fab. Cheers.

    • Hey Neill, just thought I’d let you know that I did some fret dressing and crowning on my old Epiphone, following your example. As you rightly said, a lot easier and faster than I’d imagined – and the sense of satisfaction is immense. Thanks again for giving me the confidence to do it!

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        I’m glad it worked out for you. Really there’s no substitute for endless polishing of those frets. I can’t think of much that makes a guitar feel great as much as polishing those frets so that string bends just glide across them – apart from having a decent action in the first place.

        Talking of that, I bought a second hand Shine ES335 that my mate loved so much I got him to buy a second hand one too. I set it up for him and it played so beautifully that I became dissatisfied with my own. So I got my action down so low that the bottom E actually buzzes at the lower frets (not that you hear it through the amp). Now my mate wants me to get his down that low too. We’ll soon have two guitars that are totally unplayable – unless I start ripping the frets out(? Hmmm!).

        • I’ll have to look that model up, not one I know. The Epiphone Casion I did is a piece of crap (like the vast, vast majority of cheap Epiphones) that I bought on a whim and have replaced the tuners as the originals wouldn’t stay in for more than five minutes, have replaced the pickups as the originals bore no relation to what a Casino is supposed to sound like and now worked on the setup. It’s turning into Trigger’s broom!

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            Sadly, they don’t make them any more. These were S Korean ones before they set up in China. Mine was all orange with gold hardware and Mickey Mouse ears like an early Dot. The one I found for my mate was truly lovely, dark chocolate with gorgeous greenish triangle MOP board inlays and more 60sish , slimmer all over with more pointed horns. Bigsbys on both. I tell you, I tried everything to get him to swap but no dice. I will have to club him with it.

          • I’ll keep my eyes open, cheers.

  30. Doug tighe on said:

    I own a Pacifica 912J black body white scratch plate.
    I believe a 1991 model as I purchased as a demo from a store in Australia, May 1994, serial no HH12203.
    Looking to purchase Trem Part or replacement the knife edge on the bass side of bridge is damaged.
    Width at bridge pole mounting spacing 74.5 mm (74 would be fine) and string spacing there is 10 mm.
    Thanks for any help. Doug

  31. Hi all!

    I’m a new to Pacificas, traded in a 502V a couple a weeks ago. Had a couple of Fender Strats but now I sold them all 🙂 What a fantastic guitars the Pacificas are!!

    Bought a 311H last week, which lives at my girlfriends house. Another reason to visit her more frequently… I also have a PAC311S waiting for me at the post office today. I will post photos of them all later.

    Have a nice day folks!!

    / Tapsa

  32. Zach Murray on said:

    Are Fender Tele and Fender Tele Licensed Necks likely to fit on one of the 102s if bought undrilled?

    • Afraid not.The Fender necks are a completely different length and don’t fit at all. Wish they did!

  33. Sergio Melisi on said:

    Hello. Have you ever seen a Pacifica 904 with the logo on the headstock “YAHAMA” insted of “YAMAHA”? My Pacifica has this misprint. Thanks to those who will help me about this question.

    • I haven’t seen one, no. Have you got a picture? My first instinct is that it might be a counterfeit? Has it got a Warmoth logo on the BACK of the headstock and the logo on the final fret just above the neck pickup?

      • Anyone got any ideas about this rare beast? I’ll post a picture…Sergio, I’ve asked about this on the Yamaha Pacifica Lovers facebook page too.

    • Apparently the serial number is in the back, under the tremolo springs. Cheers.

  34. Kieran Dargan on said:

    Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. It should also have the model type on the rear tip of the head stock – the YMAHA looks odd, usually these are abalone, and unlike Yamaha to make such a basic error – their qc is usually oretty good. it’s possible that it MAY be a replacement neck fitted over the years and someone added new decals-

    • It’s got the Warmoth logo and the neck plate etc, and the logo is the Abalone style..everything looks bang on apart from the spelling!

  35. Kieran Dargan on said:

    Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. It should also have the model type on the rear tip of the head stock – the YMAHA looks odd, usually these are abalone, and unlike Yamaha to make such a basic error – their qc is usually oretty good. it’s possible that it MAY be a replacement neck fitted over the years and someone added new decals

  36. Anyone know what output the 112v pickups are putting out.? Also anyone got a look at the new 612vII or tried it I have major GAS

    • OH MY WOW… I think it’s so awesome they remade the 612v. I have an orange stain 612v dated 2004 I believe. Korean made and by far one of the best playing guitars I own, over most. The new one looks very nice but I am quite happy with the original. But I must say, I am a Yamaha nerd and guitar-news-wise, this has made my day, week and most likely month/rest of the year. Looks like in 2016, Yamaha may have some surprises in store for us.

      Looking forward to it and thanks again for the cool news!

      • Im having one thats for sure I haven’t got an old one but my 112vmx that was £200 new is just one the best guitars ive played by far since I put a Wilkinson bridge with full size block and it will soon be having a pup upgrade happy days..

      • Anyone tried irongear pickups in a pac 112v ? Or can anyone recommend any for one.?

        • Haven’t tried Irongear myself but I’d seriously recommend GFS pickups. They’re amazing value and excellent pickups at any price. Just do a search for Guitar Fetish pickups. Fantastic customer service too. I got a noiseless set for a Fender and when I didn’t like the output they changed them for a different set no questions. Artec are also excellent and super-cheap. I have these in my Pac 120 and one of my 112s, both RIckenbacker style winds. If your budget can stretch a bit I recommend Sonic Monkey without hesitation. I have these in two of my Pacifica 102s and they are made to your precise order. I have a ‘Wilko Johnson’ spec set and a 52 Broadcaster bridge wind in my ‘Fraudcaster’ Esquire. Bareknuckle are superb too. I have their Brown Sugar in my other 102 Esquire but they are getting stupidly expensive now. Pickups are very very simple pieces of kit and the boutique ones are just a rip off really. That’s why I recommend the GFS ones so highly. YOu can’t go wrong with Seymour Duncans, of course, or DiMarzios, and they’re more sensibly priced secondhand on Ebay. But I’d recommend GFS, you won’t be disappointed and they do a huge range of sounds, outputs, noiseless, semi-noiseless etc etc.

          • Gfs are usa based are they not..? Is there import taxes and such on these that would bump the price up..? Im planning to get my natural finish pacifica a nice transparent blue finish., I have a good Wilkinson bridge and would like some nice locking tuners but not overly expensive does anybody have any suggestions for a set that would drop straight in with no drilling etc.?

        • NEILL DODD on said:

          Have you discovered Ironstone Pickups yet? They have a great range of really nice regular, under and overwound pickups. I’ve tried three different sets on three different guitars and the guy who runs it is incredibly helpful. They’re based in Rutland but also have a nice website with loads of wiring suggestions and soundclips. I never look anywhere else now because his prices easily compete with the likes of Artec and I like what they do. Plus, he sent me a free dummy coil for a Jazz bass that hummed, just to try it out!

          • I think Ironstone, like Artec and GFS, are all made in China, probably at the same factory! If you want genuine British-made you need to go to Bareknuckle or Sonic Monkey etc. But you pay the price..especially with Bareknuckle. I got my Bareknuckles several years ago when they were still a tiny company and about half the price they are now, luckily!

          • I’ll take a look at them now..I would just slam duncans straight in but cash is tight this year and although I have had good experience with the duncan pups ive had I can’t help thinking im paying over and above for a brand

          • Hi All, I am Tony Partridge, owner of ironstone Pickups based in Rutland, England’s smallest county. Having had many very happy Pacifica customers install my pickups, I just wanted to clarify the admin comment about Ironstone.
            He / she quite correctly identifies the inherent cost of building pickups from scratch here in the UK.
            So I set out on a different path. The main time consuming task of winding is indeed done to my specifications in the Far East , along with other items such as sourcing covers (S.Korea for example). But I then take that raw wound bobbin and (depending on pickup style);
            Hand set the pole pieces,
            Wax pot the pickups,
            Tape bind them,
            Complete the wiring work,
            Full QA and bench test.
            So each and every pickup I sell has been hand finished and individually tested by myself.
            I can then pass that lower cost base to customers along with a mass of totally free technical information on the website. So I don’t claim to sell 100% British made pickups. And I can charge very reasonable prices accordingly.

          • Hey Tony, many thanks for posting this. Really good to hear that you take such personal care. I’ve been thinking about investing in some of year output after reading the glowing reviews here so even more impressed now that you took the time to say hello! Why not make it clear on your website that you hand-finish them yourself as you have here to avoid any further confusion going forward? Cheers, Simon (site admin).

          • Hi Simon,
            And thanks for your reply too. I just wanted to let your forum members know how the Ironstone business is very different to many of the cheaper ‘pickup shifters’ out there (very reasonable as some of their pickups are).
            The website home page does have the wording (right hand side bar) “Every single pickup we sell has been hand finished and individually tested in Ironstone’s Rutland workshop”, but I think you are right – I do need to put that in the opening statement too!

          • I imagine there’s a fair amount of confusion, too,between Irongear and Ironstone. VERY similar names!

          • Yeah confusing irongear ironstone . Im going to check out ironstone website now…I have iron gear pickups and they are great, well I dig em anyway .I mean they are cheap and sound amazing for what you are paying but if they started getting more expensive would I still by them..?

          • Very similar names its true. Ironstone is actually derived from the workshop (in fact most of the village) is built of Ironstone, an aptly iron rich magnetic stone!
            The Ironstone logo is actually a photo of one of my walls.
            So I can’t change that, but I have changed the website intro text, feedback always considered and actioned where I can!

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            Hey, good to see Tony from Ironstone has been here. He’s right, he really does undersell the attention to detail he puts into his pickups. I’m sure he’ll sort out his website to make that more clear so thanks to admin for pointing that up.

            By the way he’s just done me the enormous favour recently of hand matching a replacement neck pickup with one of his Alnico 5s of similar resistance because mine had ridiculously wide pole spacings. Not only did he hand reset the pole pieces in his pickups to match my polarity but he also checked the winding direction too and checked that it did its proper job via an amp (apparently there is no industry standard to polarity or windings, so just buying one on ebay from Chinatown is a lottery as to whether or not you will lose your reverse wound reverse polarity hum cancelling and just end up with a low output phasey thing). And all of this via the Royal Mail.

            I can’t rate him highly enough.

            It’s nice to go British too.

          • That’s a brilliant testimonial, Neill. Cheers.

  37. Thanks for the reply by the way . Its absolutely great to talk with people who clearly have as much love for these guitars as I do. Im so glad my first guitar was a pacifica because if it wasnt I may have never experienced these wonderful instruments. I have other guitars to but guess which guitar I keep picking up.? You guessed it the yammy. These guitars are a no brainer it amazes me why more people aint playing them ok I can understand if you got big hands you might not enjoy the neck so much but I suspect they just dont get a look in being a …”YAMAHA” . I quite like being different and maybe this is why I bought one I mean its all to easy to get a strat everyone gets a strat and if thats what u like then fill your boot’s .

    I love my pacifica. ..!

    Build quality amazing
    Playability amazing
    Price amazing

    • Me too. I have a Fender US tele which retails around £1200 now but I hardly ever play it (funnily enough it’s the one with the 2 x GFS noiseless strat pickups in it) I play my three Pac 102s almost exclusively, especially the natural wood one with the 112 maple neck and the Sonic Monkey pickup. Just a great, great guitar. Re GFS and taxes, it’s not an issue really. Can’t remember if I paid import tax on mine but if I did it was a tiny amount. You’re only talking about $50 or £30 for a complete set so any extra duty and VAT on top is tiny in any case.

      • I’ll take a look at them now..I would just slam duncans straight in but cash is tight this year and although I have had good experience with the duncan pups ive had I can’t help thinking im paying over and above for a brand

        • I think that’s correct. I have a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker in the white 112 bridge but only because it was in it when I bought it as a complete wreck for something like £30! By the way, don’t forget that you can get a regular Strat style scratchplate for your 112 if you want to put three single coils in rather than the HSS configuration. There’s a link to the dealer in my links.

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            It’s amazing how much effort and money we put in to new pickups when, unless you have my Affinity Strat with pickups presumably made of seaweed, most guitars come with fine pickups these days. I COULD replace my Pac 112’s with DiMarzios but why would I want to? I’d be better off spending that money on some bespoke guitar lessons. The sound improvement would be far more noticeable.

      • Admin any opinions on straight drop in replacement locking tuners? Nothing wrong with my stock tuners mind they rock solid this thing holds tune well…so maybe it not worth touching them.?

  38. That is insane . Well ive just ordered a overwound rolling mill bridge humbucker and neck and middle smokestack ll from new pots but at just over £70 for the pups its a no brainer a duncan humbucker alone has cost me that. Seen a dude with a HSH strat with rolling mill in neck and bridge and smokestack ll in middle on youtube and I got the visa out straight away. If I get 50% near his tone I be happy. So if all goes well should have them in before xmas…

    • Let us know how you get on with them. I’ll post a link once you’re an officially satisfied customer.

  39. I’ll keep you posted and if I go ahead and get it refinished transparent blue i’ll post a picture hopefully you’ll add it to the site.

  40. NEILL DODD on said:

    Insane, is right. Even when they’re not B stock they are a bargain and get great reviews but, because mine WAS B stock they wouldn’t let me review it. What did they fear I was going to say, “£40 for brilliant Mustang copy with Wilkinson pickups and a Jazzmaster tremolo is a total swizz”?

    Take a look here:

    Of course, I had to get a proper Mustang control plate for extra shielding (that’s what I claimed although it was just because I bloody love that look). I’m determined to do a control plate like that on a Pac and now I know the exact shape of a Mustang one I can try it on the 112 I’ve got.

    • Is it a proper short scale like a Fender Mustang?

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        Yep, 24″ I think (quickly tries to convert 610mm into inches and fails). I’ve no idea whether a Squier neck would fit if you wanted their more accurate headstock but you’d have to be mad to spend the sort of money those necks are ebaying for. You could buy a couple of these guitars for the price of one Squier Mustang neck and anyway, there’s nothing wrong with these necks. You could, instead do a bit of a reshape and make it into a kind of Telestang.

        Weirdly the whole guitar is about the same length as a strat and the short scale doesn’t feel cramped at all but does mean that string tension is much looser, especially with the crazily light DiMarzio XLs that Thomann put on them. This added with the extra string length between the bridge and the vibrato leads to a totally different, snappier sound somewhere akin to a Tele bridge pickup but somehow bouncier, scratchier more compressed. It certainly adds something different to my tonal armoury and I love it.

        • Interesting. Not sure I’ve ever played a short scale electric.

  41. Thats one sweet looking thing…if I recall somebody once told me the les paul copy ones were good

    • NEILL DODD on said:

      The Les Pauls are very good. I particularly like their Gold Top with p90s. They are not exact replicas of Les Pauls and they have recently been subtly moving away from the Big Two’s shapes to avoid legal wrangles and, presumably, so that Thomann will still be allowed to sell the real thing.

      Interestingly this has lead to some improvements on the original designs. Access up at the top frets is better than on a bog standard LP due to the redesigned heel and I’ve noticed that Gibson now offers a range of ‘high performance’ LPs with exactly this feature.

      Benton bodies are often basswood however rather than mahogany, if that’s an issue, and I have read of somebody stripping a Benton strat only to find some sticky and difficult to remove Photoflame layer. Still, the Wilkinson hardware on many of them is great so it’s a swings and roundabouts affair. I personally love being able to purge my GAS without breaking the bank…and don’t forget their pedals either, they’re rebranded Joyos which, in themselves are copies of much more expensive boxes. I wouldn’t be without my American Sound amp simulation pedal.

      • Have you tried any cort guitars im looking at the single cut les paul cr200 or 250 I need a les paul type guitar and was recently looking at a few epiphone ones the standard and traditional pro however the finish on the half a dozen or so I looked at seemed at best sloppy which put me right off..I cant find a cort round my parts down in rainy wales but they seem pretty reasonable

        • Also I have had my irongear pickups back …I went for the overwound pig irons neck and middle and steamhammer bridge on keith from axetecs advice after as I play mostly rock and im a big grunge monster lol. Also bought a wiring kit as I intend to replace all the electronics. The pickups and wiring kit seem to be of good quality, nice alpha pots nice five way switch and orange drop cap etc. Service was brilliant and fast and when I wanted to change from black humbucker to zebra it was no problem. I’ll be putting these in over the xmas holidays so I’ll keep you all posted. Do you think I should attempt to sheild this guitar? Its strictly a home player I dont gig.?

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            I don’t find shielding etc much of an issue unless you are under big lights with radio crews etc. I was asked to do a dummy coil, noise suppression test on a Jazz bass for a pickup company and I had a hell of a job getting enough hum to get rid of. In the end I had to hold a laptop power source about 6 inches away from the pups to hear enough hum. The dummy DID get rid of it! Having said that, if you’re short of things to do and love getting to know the insides of your instruments as I do, it’s a nice intimate thing to do.

        • How about a Pac 120? 😉 But I’d have a good look at the Vintage Les Pauls, they’re fantastic value. Our old friend Wilkinson again, of course!

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            Yep, I’d agree. DEFINITELY check out Vintage. I’ve rarely seen a bad one. But then again Harley Bentons also have Wilkinsons and are terrific value of late. Quality control has really gone up and they are made by Saein who I always rated for their own brand Shine guitars.

        • PS Epiphones are uniformly terrible.

  42. Hi. I´m hoping to post some pictures of my (soon to be next guitar) here, but first I need your knowledgeable help!
    I am really divided between getting a 102s or a 612v. They are about the same price — the 102s is already shielded and has a seymour duncan pickup upgrade.
    The 612v is absolutely stock and almost untouched since it was bought.

    Since I suppose that you are going to ask “what do you like to play?”, I am a new player that has gathered some knowledge over the last three months and I have been playing some surf guitar — I do like loads of reverb, some bluesy rock, such as the Dead Weather and Hendrix and lately I have been looking up to some jazz legends such as Pat Metheny and the Weather Report, but I also feel some urge (although rarely) to go Dimebag on it. The humbucker ( I would problably prefer a P90) and the tremolo on the 612v look saucy, but i have developed a “thing” for telecasters…
    What would you choose?

    • The 612 would be much more versatile. You can get a multitude of sounds out of it, plus the tremelo. That’s why the Strat is the world’s best-selling guitar. The 102 will give you one sound, basically. A lovely aggressive biting Telecaster sound but just the one! Personally, I have three 102s, because I love them more than any other guitar in the world (including my real USA Tele!). But if you want more variety, get the 612. Ideally get both!

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        I agree with the 612. It might be worth a little switching mod to get the neck and bridge on together to get some of the 102’s sound but, of course, for sheer scratchy searing tone, you can’t beat an actual tele style pickup and bridge.

        • Yes the modding options are probably greater with the stock 612

    • 612 defo…what the prices on them..? The middle pickup will be handy especially for the hendrix. .I want a 612 but cant find one at yhe moment although there is a new 612vII out I may get although I would also like a a 102.. but you will need a humbucker if you go down the dinebag route. .id say the 612 is the more versatile option.

      • Thank you for your answers!
        I can get the 102s for around 240€ and the 612v for around 270€, the price isn’t an issue (but getting both is, sadly).
        It is less of an hassle to get 102 because it is closer to my house.
        The 612v is an obvious good all rounder — being pretty much new to electric guitars this is a good thing for me.
        But the 102s seems to awaken some serious passions…

        One of the two will be mine — I’ll keep you posted.

  43. Thats my opinion spot on..thats why I asked the price…if its an option at all get the two of them if funds can allow

    • Neill

      If you do try or purchase one of these revstars gimme a run down quick review of what you think of them. I love a guitar thats not shall we say run of the mill..I was up for a les paul type guitar now I think I want one of these rs620 far there are non to try near me.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        It’s that Bowden(?!) green with the P90s that really caught my eye. I can’t imagine anyone mistaking that for anything. The yellow and the bright blue are nice enough too. As for Billet Green (??!!!WTF!!) that looks like a colour that I like to call GREY.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        It’s that Bowden(?!) green with the P90s that really caught my eye. I can’t imagine anyone mistaking that for anything. The yellow and the bright blue are nice enough too. As for Billet Green (??!!!WTF!!) that looks like a colour that I like to call GREY.

        I’ve just noticed a huge range of prices on this link. I wonder what’s going on under the hood to explain £823 or £289.

          • Haven’t even seen one in the flesh!

          • Nor me all the yamaha dealers with me tend to have plenty of acoustic guitars with the odd pacifica 112 and thats it.

  44. Vladimir on said:

    Hi all! I have mid 90’s Yamaha Pacifica 904 that I bought used years ago. Now after some experiments with pickup and wiring I decided that the default setup was the best for me. Now I want to get my Pacifica back to stock setup, but I’m afraid I can’t restore all wiring. I found a service manual for this model on internet but only for money and the price don’t look reasonable for me for one wiring scheme. If anyone have this wiring diagram or the whole service manual please share. Maybe just a photo of original wiring inside a guitar’s body will be helpful too. Also I’d like to get an original top nut that was replaced with the one made of mammoth’s bone. I’m not sure that the shape is right.

    • NEILL DODD on said:

      Nightmare. Still at least you’re in the same camp as David Gilmour. After countless pickup ripouts and additions, extra wiring, different tremolos he’s nearly back where he started too. As Dorothy said, ‘There’s no place like home…’

      • Vladimir on said:

        I can agree here with you. But on the other hand we all know numerous guitar mods that are very successful. Sometime replacing stock pickups with a set from good brand rises a guitar to higher class. I installed SD JB humbucker to bridge position and SD STK-7 how vintage stacked humbucker to neck position. Also replaced the middle single which I don’t use usually with a dummy and made new wiring with tele switch and 2 push-pull potentiometers for split mode in every pickup. Also thin cooper foil shielding and vintage cables. All these mods were made by well-known local master. But the result dissapointed me. I was pretty sure this should sound fine. JB in bridge is a classics for many guitars for balanced rock-sound. And STK-7 was purchased after I saw Jack Thammarat’s demonstrating it on Pacifica in neck position. But for some reason this all sounds muddy and plain.

        • Unless the pickups are VERY bad, replacing them usually makes a guitar sound ‘different’, but not necessarily ‘better’. It all depends what you’re looking for. One person’s ‘dull’ is another person’s ‘warm’, one person’s ‘bright’ is another person’s ‘harsh’ and so on. I still believe that most of the tone comes from your fingers not from the gear you use.

          • Indeed this is very true. I have some irongear pups I want to put in my 112 mostly to see want these irongear pickups that id been hearing about are like..are they that good..? We will soon see. However since I received theses pickups why is it I find my stock pups ever so sweet. .? Strange isnt it..? I suspect its GAS playing with my head telling me on a subconscious level “these pickups you looking into googling etc you must have them”
            Ok my stock pups may be a little underpowered for my tastes but fundamentally there is nothing wrong with them I quite like them at the moment. Tone does come from fingers to a certain extent also different picks can make slight differences

          • I love tinkering just for the fun of it, really. Not sure if any of the major mods ‘improved’ the guitars in any way…sorting out the frets, nut, setting up and rolling the neck edges etc can transform a guitar more than a new set of pickups, certainly in the sense of making it feel more expensive.

        • NEILL DODD on said:

          Nobody can accuse you of lacking persistence in the hunt for your sound! I hope the 112 diagram is right for you.

          It’s interesting, isn’t it, that if we pick up someone else’s guitar it will always sound ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than our own? Never ‘different’ to it. I think this is the reason that we hunt the unhuntable.

          I’ve ended up finding that, when presented with an unknown instrument into an unknown setup, the sounds that I want ARE there. I just need to learn how the knobs work for me and ignore how they worked for the owner.

          • You can end up searching for something you will never find…I myself as all of us at some point i suspect have got carried away trying to find that tone in your head..The problem is it doesnt exist, it an unachievable goal. Yeah sure we all like to tinker with our gear and that should be encouraged but modding can be expensive and hell can even get in the way of your playing and crafting of your guitar skills.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        Did the 904 have a push/push? I agree with you that for useability it beats a push/pull hands down and is probably the only mod I’d make to my Pacifica and, even then, only if I was short of things to do. I have read on some forums that a push/push is more prone to break but you can read ANYTHING on forums and I’m not planning to tour the world and switch it 20 times a night anyhow.

        • Interesting one this. I have a 604w which is push/push, my son has a 604w which is push/push, but he just picked up another 604w which is a push/pull. We were wondering whether it was a replacement for a push/push or perhaps a slightly later model that dumped it? You can’t really use a push/pull mid song like you can with a push/push which you just hit basically. He gigs the original 604w constantly and has never had a problem. I assumed the 904 was a push/push too.

  45. My pac seems to be rolled ever so slightly.

    On a different topic I was at the gentleman house not to long back who sets up my guitars every now and again sort of my local guitar guru ( he does it way better than me). now this was after a visit to my cousin who had just told me he didnt like my pacifica would never gig it etc which kinda shocked me as I think its one of the best guitars playability wise ive ever played at any price point. What does he gig I hear you ask a fender blacktop and old epiphone les paul. Anyway imagine my surprise when at my guitar guru’s house he shows me a guitar stripped ready for painting and asks me count how many pieces of alder this guitar is made up from . So I did and plain as day I counted 9. Then I was asked what guitar I thought it was, to which I replied some sort of strat copy.? No its a genuine f****r I think you know the company in question.
    Just brought a little smile to my face. I think I could write that logo in gold on a cricket bat and string it up and some people would swear by it.

    • Yes, the power of the logo is immense. I’ve never seen any evidence that the wood in a guitar makes the slightest difference to anything, mind you, but I know a lot of people swear that it has be to be ash/alder/mahogany etc etc and one piece blah blah blah. Fenders are never one piece but a lot of people believe they are!

    • NEILL DODD on said:

      Oooh no. Willow has terrible mids, grassy tops and leathery lows. I swear by MDF with a Hickory stump cap.

  46. Right guys irongear pickups in and for want of better word wow…was originally getting rolling mill humbucker and smokestack singles but changed order for something hotter so I had pig iron overwound singles and steamhammer humbucker (no problem amending order). Clarity is amazing on these compared to stock pups also when the humbucker is split now it has balls and split with the middle pup in position 4 is plain awesome. Note separation with chords is wicked played clean or with distortion. steamhammer name suggests a metal pickup this is not the case it cleans up nicely and gets down and dirty when needed. The pig irons have plenty of power and ring out like a bell but not overly chimey. As I say £70 for the 3 pickups im very happy best thing I have done since replacement bridge.

  47. Guys

    On the epiphone subject are the early korean epiphones generally better than the new stuff..reason I ask is I got a urge for a les paul type guitar. I guy on gumtree offered me one around £170 mark maybe I could get it for 150…? Other tgan tgat I been fancying a ltd ec256.

    • Well I can only go by personal experience but I’ve only played one Epiphone that was any good, and that was a Zakk Wylde Les Paul, the black and white cirles one. Most feel reallllly cheap and, as I said, the tuners etc can be unfit for purpose! Mine’s a Korean, I think, and is terrible, wish I’d never got it. If you want a cheapish Les Paul, I’d check out the Vintage models, esp the Peter Green one, they’re fantastic for the money.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        I’d second that. Those Vintages are nice and come with solid Wilkinson hardware. I also hear very good things about the Thomann house brand, Harley Benton, which also come with Wilkinson hardware and are very good value – but new, not second-hand as there seems to be a market in people buying what Thomann call ‘decoration only, not for playing’ (ie worse than ‘B’ stock) guitars and then sticking them on ebay. Thomann usually stamp their deko instruments with a little ‘D’ on the backs of the necks, usually around the heel, so beware of one claiming to be ‘almost perfect just a slight ding on the back of the neck’. That ‘slight ding’ is where the ‘D’ has been dented out.

  48. Guys,

    Im hoping to mod a pacifica..paint body, pickups, trem, nut, tuners hh pick guard if I can get one…only I fancy doing this to a 112j if I can get one cheap coz I like the pickguard mounted controls but my question is are the 112j routed for hh configuration…? I initially wanted a 120s but cant find one for love nor money

    • Also im assuming a natural finish I gonna be better as it would cut down on paint prep is this right..must be rosewood board too

      • May be slightly easier than a coloured one, yes. You’ll still have to sand the body, though, to prepare it for the paint. And prime it first. As you can see from the site, I’ve done a few of these mod jobs so happy to answer any questions you may have. What sort of colour are you going for for the final finish?

        • Im going for sea foam green poly…the gentleman who is going to spay it for me said that cellulose is a bugger to work with. I really wanted a string through hardtail and was initially looking at a 311h which already has grovers graphtech nut so that would cut down on my mods. All I would need then is pickups paint and scratchplate new vol tone knobs. .any experience of a 311h. .?

          • Cellulose is bollocks. It’s no better than modern poly, it catches fire and it reacts with rubber (my 76 Les Paul was ruined!). No advantage to it whatsoever. Hard tail is easy to do. Just buy a bridge or do what I did on the Ricky one, just block off the trem with a piece of wood in the back and screw it all down, Clapton style. Easy. Did this on the white one with the active circuit too. I actually use the PP3 battery as the trem block in that one!

          • PS Sea Foam is lovvvverly!

    • Yes it is routed. There’s a huge ‘swimming pool’ route under the scratchplate. Ironically, when I made the Rickenbacker-alike i had to partially fill it to mount the three pickups. And you can get a pickguard from Guitars ELectric on ebay: HH pickguard

      • Does poly need a clear top coat..? Im sure the guy who will spray it said it doesnt..? Also do you think I would be able to pull out the p90 in the neck of a 311h and put humbucker straight in if I got the hh pickguard

        • Yes it does. You need a couple of good coats to protect the colour and to get a proper factory shine. You CAN leave it off but you’ll get chips, grazes, bumps, smears almost immediately. I wouldn’t recommend it.

          A P90 isn’t the same size as a humbucker. You can get humbucker-sized P90s that just drop in eg the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat, but generally P90s are smaller than humbuckers.

  49. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi, theres a 120s natural color for sale in Mexico the guy is asking 1500 pesos not sure waht the exchange rate is. if interested i can help you with the purchase and shipping. I bought mine last year for around the same price and just purchased a 302 in blue last month for twice the amount.
    nice guitars im selling my strat to get anotherone.

    • Thanks just looked at this …I have not idea how much $1500 pesos is mind…lol

      • They come up on UK ebay every now and then. I got mine for about £80 I think!

        • How are the 120s so hard to get hold of.? Is it simply a case of not many where sold or are people just holding onto them..? You think they would be in the current product line , I mean its a classic shape.

          • Dunno. The Yammaha Teles never really caught on in the way the ‘strats’ have. Kids all want strats, of course, which is probably the simple reason. But you see 102s much more often. 120 is a very different beast, much thicker and heavier than a 102 although the neck is identical. You do seem them though.Mine is currently bright yellow with Rickenbacker style pickups, as you will have seen here. Maybe it’s time to put some proper PAFs in! I’m quite fancying an SG mind you!

  50. Louis Lautz on said:

    Im sure you can find one in the UK or maybe there may be more people who appreciate them and don’t give them up so easy.
    god luck with the project.

  51. Louis Lautz on said:

    The price for the 120s would be 60 British Pounds
    plus shipping if any ones interested

    • Don’t forget you also have to pay import duty and VAT when it hits the UK. But for £60!!! Whether it would arrive in one piece is another question, of course.

  52. So THAT’s ironstone is it? I had it down as Cotswold sandstone. My bad. I guess Rutland Water would just seep away if it had been sandstone. What a dope.

    • I think I’m right in saying that geologically the Ironstone that pops up in Rutland and the Cotswold stone of the Cotswold area are all part of the same rock seam. It just dips down under the surface (and changes chemically) between the 2 areas. Maybe we have a geologist who is a Pacifica fan, and can clarify!

  53. Interesting. I just had a discussion with a vintage guitar trader and he says he can barely give strats away as whole guitars and often finds it better to sell them off as parts. Especially things like 80’s Aria Pros and so on. But TELES, they’re all the rage. I reckon it’s a new indie age so anything that looks a bit odd or retro has kudos…hence everyone has a Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Danelectro or National these days.

    • Interesting. It’s all Kurt Kobain’s fault!

  54. Kurt Cobain? I doubt it. My son’s just doing A level music technology. They had a choice of making an electropop (?!) version of either Happy by Pharrell Williams or of Smells Like Teen Spirit. These 16 year olds had never heard of it…it’s older than they are. Proudly ONLY MY SON decided to do the Nirvana track, everyone else said it was too difficult to arrange. Of course Happy was easier, it’s from a digital age…heck, it virtually IS electropop.

    Even more worryingly almost none of his class actually play an instrument at all…well, it can all be done on you iPhone can’t it?

    • Hmmm, iron is magnetic so probably not!

      • Bizarely, Ironstone is not particularly magnetic. A whole wall of the stuff does not even register on a compass. Good job, thats what my pickup workshop walls are made of!

        • Hey Tony, I’m going to invest in one of your humbuckers for my son’s Pacifica 604. Do you have a wiring diagram that includes the push/push switch on the 604 that splits the two bridge single coils. I presume it will become a regular coil tap arrangement with your humbucker?

          • OK, thanks for the link. Hopefully this will be useful for lots of us. Cheers

          • Hey Tony, does your Alnico V PAF only come in black?

          • Yes, just black ‘open frame’ style. I keep the range deliberately compact rather than the huge variety the bigger players are able to offer.

          • hey Tony, still looking for a humbucker for the 604w. These guitars are INCREDIBLY bright in their stock form with the two single coils in the bridge. They have a 250k vol and 300k tone pot. What you recommend to give a nice bright but not piercing sound as a replacement humbucker in the bridge?

          • As I mentioned somewhere in the thread, I concentrate on one style of humbuckers in my range. Overly bright is not an issue due to the relatively high 15.5K resistance pattern. So that will damp things down nicely, but retain vintage warmth. If you are looking outside the Ironstone range, you need an Alnico V humbucker to give you warmth and a resistance of at least 12k (in non split form) to keep the trebles under control. As always, its probably best to immerse yourself in sound clips or seek out any mates guitars with replacements to the stock pups.

          • OK, thanks that’s very useful info.

  55. Damn. I was hoping it would attract the hum away from my gear. There’s always some excuse.

  56. Guys, can anyone gimme some advice on electronics . I changed my pickups on my 112vmx to overwound pig irons neck and middle steamhammer bridge. Now on the wiring side of things I put 500k switched pot volume and 500k tone pot with 47uf cap…on looking at the original I took out I could see it was 250k switch tone and 500k standard volume with 22 cap. Can anyone explain the difference if I reverted back to the original..

    • Hi,
      Vales for pots and caps for an HSS set-up are always up for debate. The reason is that in the interests of preserving treble content and getting a smooth tone control sweep, its normal practise to use 250 kOhm pots for single coils and 500k for humbuckers. Clearly tricky when you have both! Similarly with caps, 0.22uF (22nF) will preserve treble end response better than 0.47uF (47nF). So it kind of depends if you have a dominant playing style favouring bridge humbucker or single coils.
      Check out my page;
      Cheers, Tony

      • Thanks Tony…great to have an expert on hand for this stuff. Much appreciated.

        • Of course Leo put two tone controls on his strat (and then routed them through the same cap!) and he had no thought of putting a hummer in the bridge (which had no tone control at all!). What was he thinking?!

          Even if it were possible to use two tone controls on a Pac with a split bridge pup you’d end up with further complications trying to send the hummer to one tone and the split single to another. I say get an eq pedal!

  57. Tony..thanks for your reply…I will check out your page and humbuckers as I feel my steamhammer although it is an improvement on stock pickup it kinda not what I was after…on the cap and pots subject what would you recommend for a hss guitar I do play humbucker mostly but use single coil neck too.?

    • Pot and Cap values do end up as a personal taste / experience thing really. But to my ears at least, if I was starting from scratch, I always favour preserving the presence / treble end of the tone spectrum if you can (you can always dial back later or use EQ). So assuming your single coils are well behaved at the treble end (i.e. not ice pick sharp!), I would recommend treating an HSS like a full humbucker guitar and going for 500k (log /A ) pots and a 22nF (0.22uF) cap. And don’t forget the significant difference in tone (and volume) that adjustments to pickup height can make too. The Ironstone humbucker being a high resistance model is particularly responsive to minor tweaks for example.

  58. Louis Lautz on said:

    Has anyone ever seen or know of Pac 120 in sunburst color?
    I have only seen natural and black.

    • Yes, they did a horrible yellow/red sunburst. You can see a couple here on the Telemods site: !20 sunburst And of course you can see my bright yellow one on this very site (although it started out as natural!)

    • Oh, and you see the white ones quite often too.

  59. Tony thanks thats great advice I seem to have hit a sweet spot this morning by loweing all the pickups to what I would think by looking at them would be to low but it just sweet …I have 500k pots in the guitar but with a 47uf cap…if I put a 22 in what could I expect to change…tbh though the way she is sounding this morning from lowering the pups I best leave her alone lol..sorry for the numerous questions im total newbie to modding etc…

    • Hi,
      In answer to this and a couple of other cap value questions on the forum, the value of the cap determines both the maximum brightness you can get (tone control fully off) and the maximum treble you can remove (tone control fully on). So moving from a 47nF to a 22nF cap will mean you will get more brightness at number 10 on the tone dial, and simultaneously less treble roll off at the number 1 position. And of course vice versa.

  60. Louis Lautz on said:

    Thanks I agree with you ,
    don’t think thtat the redburst finish looks as good as the natural finish does.

  61. Guys any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Im thinking bout putting back my 112vmx stock alnico 5s into my pacifica. I took them out initially as I found they were a bit to muddy in my opinion compared to my other guitars. They were wired up to a 250k tone and 500k volume 22 cap however now I have 500k volume and tone with 47 cap. My question is do u think this might brighten up the stock alnico s if I put them back in with these pots and cap..?

    • HI Simon. I always found the stock pickups on the Pacificas (and most Yamahas for that matter) very usable. Now that you have all 500k pots and a .47 cap, that should be more than useful. Try them out, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain quite honestly. I work with Vox tonelabs and I can get beautiful tones with most stock pickups and the type of configuration you mention. Have at it and let us know what happens!

      • It was not that I thought the stock pickups bad but I found them muddy and by this I mean clarity wise which other people commented on too. So I was thinking this over and thought about trying them with the different cap and pots configuration I mentioned. Only I was wondering if it would give me the clarity I was after I dont want to change them if it wont make a difference. ive only changed pickups and pots etc once before and if im honest im not the best at it thats why Im asking you guys your opinions as im a complete novice to modding and valuve your opinions as you clearly know what your talking about…what I currently have in the guitar pickup wise are great and clear crisp just to hot brill for metal hard rock but I wanted more vintage sound

        • Changing pickups (and pots) is just about the easiest mod you can do. You can even do it without soldering if you just cut the wires and use spade connectors or whatever they’re called. But it’s such an easy soldering job and hard to damage anything if you’re slightly careful. I’m sure Tony will suggest a set that suits your needs.

          • I am happy of course to supply an Ironstone HSS set based on the Ironstone bridge Humbucker and a couple of single coils (£50.95). But I would also strongly advise folk to try different cap / pot and pickup height adjustments with the pups they already have before deciding they are in need of an ‘upgrade’. As one of the previous posts supported, its amazing what height / tilt tweaks can achieve! Tony

          • Talking of mods, just added a new home-made scratchplate to the yellow 120. See it on the My Guitars page.

        • Hi, Sounds like you are after a one size fits many sort of pup. Any pup set is effectively better at one particular tone than another. But from the Ironstone range I would recommend you listen to the soundclips on the website for the Platinums. They can still do a pretty decent clean, but can really give some gritty edge when played with some aggression.

          Cheers, Tony

    • Just repeating a similar reply I did earlier, the value of the cap determines both the maximum brightness you can get (tone control fully off) and the maximum treble you can remove (tone control fully on). So moving from a 47nF to a 22nF cap will mean you will get more brightness at number 10 on the tone dial, and simultaneously less treble roll off at the number 1 position. And of course vice versa. So for a bit of brightening, go for the 500k pots and 22nF cap.

    • Haha! It’s very similar isn’t it! I think they’re both inspired by the old Les Paul Specials, though, to be fair.Special Yes, the green Revstar with the wraparound bridge and P90s is the one I’d go for, too. I wasn’t blown away at first, but seen a few vids now and I really like the look of it. It’s about £450 I think, new?

    • Well the first person to get one should post a review on here….I have gas for a les paul type guitar for a while now but cant decide what to get..played a relatives old epiphone a red sparkle one think its just a standard and it was nice but newer ones ive seen in stores just seemed to look cheap and finishing issues I wouldn’t be happy with so never even bothered to try one. Then these revstars came along and I thought this could be what I need. I fancy the 620 though ,more les paul looking so to speak…I would order one blind as I have every confidence that there will be no workmanship issues with a yamaha but id love to get a proper review from an actual player first not a shop review like ive seen on youtube. Other than that its a vintage they do some interesting slash peter green joe bonamassa types.

  62. I completely love loads of them. Especially the dull finish and aluminium aircraft-looking parts. Bet that dull finish soon gets to look absolutely lousy with finger marks though. Must admit when I went to bed last night I did give a little glance at my SG and thought…hmmm, green, cream P90s…..

    • What are the necks like? Are they Fender scale like the Pacificas or Gibson size? What about radius?

    • Dont think I could handle the dulled brush finish the blue 420 has now caught my eye although blue is a colour you really need to see in the flesh

      • I’m not sure about the Tunomatic style brige and tailpiece though. Seems a bit ordinary?

        • For the price id definitely give these a go and when they start appearing used id be really interested to see what they going for then could be bargains galore…maybe it be better to sit on this gas for a while and get a les paul till there is a used market for these

          • Hard to know what the market is for these really. Kids won’t buy them because they don’t look like a Strat. People who want a Les Paul won’t buy them when they can get a crap Epiphone. They’re very quirky looking, I’d be very surprised if they sell very many at all. A bit love them or hate them, I think.

          • I never need to hold another LP or strat. If they don’t sell in enough numbers there won’t be much of a second hand market for Revstars but the new prices may suddenly crash. I’d have thought these were a surefire investment at that moment before they are ‘discovered’ by some hip young thing.

          • Yes, one to watch definitely.

  63. Think the green ones are a bit more but the yellow special you can pick up for £300 here

    I think it’s the different look that’s attracting me along with the dulled metal work. For that reason I wouldn’t go for a 620 as it’s too like an SG (which I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to!) and I already have an LP a bit like that which I never play.

    Scale length seems to be 24 3/4″ so Gibbo style. Radius 13 3/4″ so pretty flat.

    • Exactly! Cost me nil pence precisely. Although I have lashed out £2 on some scratchplate screws as I’ve run out!

  64. ilker gocmen on said:

    I’m the owner of the “120 with three pickups” on the Pacificas from the WWW page (second from the bottom). I was googling around and quite surprised to see it here. Thanks 🙂
    The pickups are indeed a humbucker and two P90s. The humbucker is a Seymour Duncan ’59, and the P90s are Seymour Duncan Phat Cats.
    Also under the hood are CTS 500K pots and a genuine Fender 5-way switch. The knobs are genuine Gibson Les Paul speed knobs.
    What’s not in the picture is a mini-switch I added later on, which adds the neck pickup into any position of the selector switch. This gives me the “neck+bridge” and “all 3 pickups” configurations. I love my Pacifica. It’s a real beast.

    • Hey, that’s brilliant. Welcome to the site and thanks for all the extra info.

  65. Rob Coleman on said:

    I have a white on black Pacifica 721 from the early 90s that looks exactly like the one posted above, and wanted to know what it might be worth? It is in excellent condition – almost like new, and has spend all of its life in its hard case. I probably played it fewer than 30 hours all together.

  66. Kieran on said:

    About $300 us give or take. Plenty 721 about do price is not high – I see them regularly sell for anywhere between $250 and $300

  67. Diego Velarde on said:

    Hey everyone, I have a black Pacifica 120s, found it on a portal, got it, but some amazing jumbo frets and it’s on fire, unfortunately i’m still having a bit of trouble with the last details of the set up.
    Could anyone recommend me an approximate appropriate string height for this one?

    • Hi Diego and welcome to the website! Set up is a very personal thing, of course, and depends on your style of playing and what strings you use too. But generally I find the Fender factory set up specifications are a good starting point. For example, 1.6mm on the low E to 1.2mm on the high E is a good starting point. I set both Es then use a radius gauge to set the other four so they follow the curve of the neck. Have a look at the set up videos in the links on this site, too.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        Assuming the truss rod is giving the relief you like – ‘a bit’ to ‘none at all’ (my personal preference) – the nut is giving a bit of clearance over the first fret when fretted at the second (used to love Yamaha’s zero fret guitars as this fixes that problem) and the frets are all level, then I go with the expert in Dan Erlewine’s book who says, “lower the strings til they buzz somewhere then raise them till they don’t.” Seems like good advice to me.

        You can measure all you like but if there’s buzz after measuring then the action’s wrong. If it did buzz but now it doesn’t then the action’s right (assuming the nut, frets and truss rod are right). From here you CAN raise the action to follow the curve of the fretboard if you need more clearance for heavy strumming but, again, no buzz is my guide.

        Otherwise play slide and have the action about ankle deep!

        • Personally I’d always check the nut by fretting at the third rather than the second, but, as I said, all these come down to personal taste. A bit of buzz here and there isn’t necessarily a big issue either as long as it’s not audible through the amp.

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            Oooh yes, quite right, the THIRD fret. I was counting backwards towards the nut for some reason (!?). What my brain meant was ‘two frets between the nut and your finger’ which, as Simon says, is indeed the third fret…unless there’s a zero fret…oh help!!!!

          • Id second that nothing wrong with slight buzz as long as the amp dont pick it up. All comes down to playing style to . Are you heavy handed etc…most pacifica can get really good action set up correctly. Mine was awesome out of the box but when set up wow made a good guitar great

  68. Hi
    Great website, we love pacificas!
    Im having a bit of trouble finding a replacement neck pick for my pacifica 012. Wondered if anyone knows where to get them? (UK based btw)

    • Hi Daniel and welcome to the site. Any pickup designed for a Stratocaster will fit, there are millions on ebay. If you want an actual Yamaha one you might be lucky and get one on ebay otherwise you’ll need to get one from Yamaha themselves. They’re really helpful if you call them in the UK. Why do you just want a neck one, has it failed? I only ask because you need to make sure strat type pickups are wired up correctly so that they cancel the buzz in the 2 and 4 positions…so buying a set is often more straightforward in some respects.

    • Hi

      I have a hss alnico 5 set I took out of a pac 112v that you could have if your willing to pay postage. I don’t know what pickups are in the 012 but it might be a bit of an upgrade on your stock ones..?

  69. NEILL DODD on said:

    I needed a neck pickup for a Squier strat and ran into that problem of which way they were wound.
    Sorry to mention him again but Tony Partridge at Ironstone Pickups asked me to post my old one to him and he matched it up with his stock ones at no extra charge. Drop him a line and see if he’s willing to do the same. His strat pickups are nice and not expensive.

  70. Manrique Sánchez on said:

    Hello, I would like to share with you my guitars Yamaha Pacifica. I own a PacificaTelecaster style, which has installed a couple of Dimarzio Fast Track pickups. The pots are switches Push & Pull that put them to work as singles or as virtual Humbucker, this is one half of one of the humbucker works in series with other half of the other one.

    The other guitar had a sad story but with a happy ending.
    I found the guitar in a pawnshop. it only had the body, a pickguard and the neck and at first sight, I could see the finish very spoiled. Without electronics (pots, pickups, jack… nothing). However, the neck was right and the frets was well preserved.
    I decided to restore by myself, then I bought the pickguard, bridge and tuners. I sanded the whole body and gave it a finish to the wax. I sanded the neck also, put the decals and sealed with shellac; the finish was nitrocellulose.
    I put a “Fender american standard” single coils pickups I had lying around and did all the wiring by myself too. The volume knob is a push and pull switch that gets to work the bridge pickup and neck in series in the first position of the main switch.
    Oh I forgot. As I found no plate for fixing the body to the neck, with measures factory so I decided to use ferrules to screw it without having to make new holes.

    My english is not very good, so I apologize for mistakes. Greetings from Costa Rica.

    Here attached a link with photos of my guitars:

    • Hi Manrique and welcome to the website. That is a beautiful looking Pacifica you’ve created there, well done. And thanks for sharing the pictures with us. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding an unloved Pacifica and turning it into something great. I did that with two of my 112s. Your english is fine, too!

      • By the way, did any of the UK folk see Barry Gibb on Jools Holland and/or Strictly? One of the guitarists in his band played a Pacifica, looked like a 904?

  71. Manrique Sánchez on said:

    Thank, for your comment. Respect to guitar on the Barry Gibb band, The guitar player is Tim Cansfield and yes, I saw this Pacifica, but I don’t know which model it could be. In this video you can see it. (Nights on Broadway):


    • Looks like he’s got a Pacifica 302 as well there, the Tele one on the stand!

  72. Hi there, I need your help!! I purchased an electric guitar 4 years ago under the impression it was a Yamaha Pacifica, only now looking at others and into buying others, have I notice there are none like it??
    None look similar at all??
    I don’t know if the one I purchased was maybe reconstructed in some way or what but I just really want to know what it is!!

  73. Hey, Great site… Love my Pacificas.. (I have 2 a newer 112v and a 120SD (tele style…) along with other Yamahas (… does anyone know what kind of pickups they used in the 120SD? I can’t seem to find any info on them…

    • Thanks for visiting the site and your kind words. That is a fantastic collection of Yammies you have there…very jealous! The 120 pickups are just regular Yamaha humbuckers. Both about 12-13 ohms (I just measured the ones I took out of my own 120) so not super-powerful or anything. Just standard two wire construction. Other than that, have no more info to help. I have some replacement Rickenbacker-style ones in my 120 which I converted to a Fender Cabronita style guitar, they’re bog-standard humbucker size so any normal humbucker drops right in. You can see them on the pic at the top of the My Pacificas page. Cheers!

  74. Thanks a bunch… that’s some good info… I just found a Pac1221MS and hopefully can talk the guy down from his $600 asking price… I’ll post a pic if it happens… Oh, and here’s a pic of my old Yamaha amp when I want to annoy the neighbors-

    • No problem, happy to help. If you’re interested in some new humbuckers, have a read through some of the comments here. Tony, the maker of Ironstone pickups is a great bloke and very helpful on the forum. I’ve put a link to his website at the bottom of the page. I’ve got one of the previous series of Yamaha amps, the blue striped ones. Just a 25 watter but a great sounding clean amp.

  75. Robbie on said:

    Help! I need a neck plate for a Pacifica.

    • Your local Yamaha dealer can get you one, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on Ebay. Thanks for visiting the site.

  76. Hi, what do you know about Pacifica 412v guitar? I am in love with a used SJ550HM 1987 (tele stlye double humbuckers) that i just bougth some months ago, only for 128 usd, and I want to try a pacifica. I have tougth go for a 112v (alder body 2s 1h, split coil), but found the 412v on internet and it look gorgeous. There is not much info about specs and reviews con internet. What would be your advice? 112v new or 412v used? By the way, I am not a pro, play for hobbie and study guitar in free time only, but love guitars.

      • DavidGilnot on said:

        Those specs look identical to the 112VM. I’m baffled as to what the difference is. I got back into electric playing after years of loathing my Ario Pro II Les Paul by researching and buying a Pacifica 112V. I now have around twenty guitars and when my no name tele No. 1 guitar isn’t cutting it I always turn to the Pacifica that I know won’t let me down. Check the fret dressing on both guitars (my 112VM seemed to have missed the crowning and polishing process). I’m guessing that there is just a bit more attention to detail on the 412 and, for that alone, it may be worth going for. You won’t regret either, I’m sure.

        • They look fantastic, though, with the natural wood showing through and the edge binding. There are some pics on the site somewhere of one with a single mini humbucker, gorgeous. My feeling is the old 90s guitars are better made than the new ones but it may be just that they’re old and played in by the time I buy them!

          • DavidGilnot on said:

            Edge binding? I can’t see that on the pic. I did just notice the two point trem (interesting) and the plastic knobs (less interesting).

          • DavidGilnot on said:

            That tobacco burst looks fine indeed. Seems to be just the natural that doesn’t have the binding in the link you put up, that’s why it seemed so similar to the 112. Don’t think it’s faux though. Looks genuine enough to me.

      • Hi guys! Thanks for your answers and comments. Unfortunately the 412 was not for me… When I inspect the guitar I realized it has been modified in bad way. Previous owner had removed the 2 points trem bridge, filled the part of the trem routed cavity and installed a 6 points trem. I had no confidence to the work done on that guitar, so i passed.

        But now i am defintevely in love with the Humbucker/P90 configuration of the Pacifica 611 brand new… What do you think about it? and what about its smaller sister the Pacifica 311? I love the 611 personality and Seymor Duncan pickups sound, bue price is quite high for me now… The 311 is 3/4 of 611 price and is same configuration, but with yamaha pickups. What is your opinion?

        While i can afford that new guitar i will keep really enjoying my 1897 Yamaha SJ550… 😉

        • I haven’t played either but hopefully somebody else will have a view. Thanks for coming to the site.

  77. I have to disagree with this I came across a 412v used and I have to say had I not had a 112vmx I would have bought it but I didn’t think it was of a better build . The build on both is quality through and through. Part of me just wanted it for the age thing and slice of pacifica history but the head won over the heart this time and I left it there. If I recall it was bout 170 to 180 they wanted for it English pounds. I thought it was a good deal tbh needed a good clean mind. From a distance I remember seeing the price and thinking I hope that’s a really high end yammy.

    • Well you’re probably right about the build quality but I’d still go for the 412 on looks alone. I just tend to dislike the feel of brand new guitars. My brother in law just got a brand new 112 and it’s fine but feels sooooo new and shiny! I guess that’s why I like my Pacificas old and a bit tatty.

  78. +1 on that . Mine is natural finish and I love the dings and scuffs on it and starting to get some serious wear on the top of the arm contour ain’t really had it all that long but it’s played to death. My guitar guy I go to for setups and the like said “oh be nice to spray that ” think he thought it be easier than getting the usual poly finish of lol. May be one day but you kinda lose all the character you have put into it then.

    • Exactly. Even artificial character through relicing as I’ve done on mine I find very characterful. Crazy, really!

  79. DavidGilnot on said:

    Yeah, I love his Another Brick tone (P90s again of course) but a lot of that was studio trickery,, reamping etc., but there’s no mention of the Les Paul on his Final Cut sessions (literally ‘sessions’ by this time as he was essentially a hired hand for Roger Waters) except for on the final track . From what I can gather he was using his strat with the SSL1C in the bridge (similar to the current Seymour Duncan SSL5). The pup was specially wound for him to give around 12k. In my mind this would cut a lot of the top end, warming up the mids and add sustain but not sound like a ‘bucker. I’m thinking a P90 might do much the same thing.

    His short stinging solos on The Final Cut are so melodic and real highlights on what can be a bit of a one-note album. He always seems to get BIG with loads of sustain whilst not going heavily into overdrive and distortion. I suddenly realised that a song of mine could do with just such a solo over 8 bars but instead of adding punch, everytime I record the solo it just sounds a bit weedy.

    The answer MIGHT be that I just need to record LOUD. But it’s not an option for me.

    • What are you recording into, software or hardware? I do a lot of recording so might be able to help you get the sound you want if you send me a file (assuming you use software like Logic, Pro Tools etc). Of course, so much of tone is just in the fingers of the player.

      • DavidGilnot on said:

        Ooh interesting. I’m miking my Fender Champ 25SE and recording into Sony Acid. Sending guitar through a bit of drive into fuzz (hopefully emulating Gilmour’s Coloursound/Big Muff combination) into a phase pedal (that might be my mistake, I might try chorus there instead) and a bit of delay. My amp controls don’t seem to be able to save the day. I’ll give it another go tomorrow and if still failing I’ll send the file for your ears. How would I send it? Soundcloud?

        • No just email me it, just the guitar track. Even better email a DI guitar track too that I can treat from scratch.

  80. DavidGilnot on said:

    Just tried chorus. It was horrid. Perhaps my compressor now. Think it might cream things up a bit.

    • Post a youtube link to the sound you’re after so we can all hear what you’re aiming for.

  81. DavidGilnot on said:

    Oooh, good idea. Go to 3:10ish and enjoy a beautiful short solo. I really think compression and a phaser/flanger are going to help me get there. Thanks for your help.

    • It sounds quite straight to me. Neck (?) pickup, lots of finger vibrato (or maybe subtle whammy bar), some subtle overdrive and delay, compression at the recording end? Very middley tone, almost a slight cocked wah sound to it. You know, where you have a wah pedal in a fixed position to filter the sound a bit? Dive bomb at the end, too.

  82. DavidGilnot on said:

    Come to think of it, there is a very hollow, nasal quality to this sound which might be why it’s not fitting into my song anyway. Loving the smooth overdrive though.

  83. DavidGilnot on said:

    I’m sure it’s bridge pickup but because he has such a hot wound pup that’s where all the mids are coming from. That’s why I’m thinking, without having one of those myself, a P90 might be more the job.

    I think that cocked wah sound is the phaser or flanger. He does use an Electric Mistress a lot so that’s probably what’s going on there. Due to my lack of flanger I’m going to try phaser instead. It’s the creamy smooth overdrive that I can’t seem to get but a compressor may be my saviour here.

    Could well be some studio compression too. Don’t think my Pacifica is going to nail it though.

    • I’m not hearing any flanging or phasing personally.

  84. DavidGilnot on said:

    I that case I shall cock my wah!

  85. Adrijan on said:

    Where can I send you photos of my pacificas, to which e-mail adress?

  86. i have a modded Pac, what’s your email address?

    • Sorry I missed you post. Did you want to send a pic of your modded Pac?

  87. Guys any suggestions for a drop in bridge replacement for a 112v mine is shot grub screws all rounded can’t adjust and thing. Help. It’s not the standard bridge by the way it’s a Wilkinson but can’t seem to find the same one. Help

    • Grub screws are very easy to replace, I replace mine as a matter of course on the 102s as they stick out too far. But get in touch with Guitars Electric, I bet they’ll know what Wilkinson bridge fits the 112. Guitars Electric

    • Just did a bit of reading, apparently the 112 bridge is a little narrower than a normal strat with an outside screw to screw measurement of 53MM?. But measure everything on yours to check its spec. Or just get new saddles, eg Graphtec ones?

      • It’s a wilkinson bridge with the saddles mounted through the top not from behind so new saddles wouldn’t work. I will measure the bridge now. Would a 54 mm bridge make that much of a difference. ?

        • It’s a question of a)whether the mounting holes line up. If they don’t you’ll have a lot of work on your hands to fill the old ones and drill new ones and make sure everything lines up. And 2) whether the strings line up with the neck and nut properly. I’d get the exact specs if I were you. But if it’s a Wilkinson bridge you should be able to get a direct replacement I’d have thought. Wilkinson parts

          • Yeah but it’s got the 6 screws vintage style not the two point

          • Hmmm. I’d get onto one of the parts specialists and have a chat. Like Guitars Electric or Northwest Guitars etc.

  88. Anyone recommend a good semi-hollow, a cheapo Gibson 335 type guitar? Up to say £900? (Going to sell my 76 Les Paul deLuxe if anyone’s interested?)

    • Got a new bridge on order wilkinson wvp6 from axesrus . Just wanna say guys I delt with a cracking chap called Craig extremely helpful service was second to none. Will definitely use them again and can highly recommend. He new his onions.

      • Excellent, always good to hear of top notch suppliers. Thanks for sharing.

  89. They be brill but I can’t get the old ones out well not all of them. I emailed axesrus and I’m waiting for a reply. Bridge on there is 54mm so I can’t see a problem getting a replacement

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting the site. If you look at the links at the bottom of the page, you’ll see Serial Number Wizard. This should solve your problem. Cheers

      • That link doesn’t go anywhere. If it works for other people it might be a problem with my browser.

          • Groovy! Now I just need to find the serial number.
            This is my first guitar and I’ve read that these Yamahas are great for beginners. I’m really looking forward to it.

          • The serial number is normally punched into the back of the headstock below the tuners.

  90. Hi!
    My name is Oliver and I am buying and customising Pacificas until 1999. My first one was a 112. It hang in the music store where I used to work at that time and I immediately thought: that guitar just feels perfect ! I bought it and from that point it was my main guitar. Usually I played Schecters, a guitar made of Tom Anderson parts, Fenders and Gibsons, you name it. But until that day this became my main guitar. A workhorse like no other. I only changed the pickups and went on stage with it. Later on I put a piezo bridge on the guitar, making me play it even more ;o)
    At this time I own about 14 Pacificas. I can send you pictures if you are interested!

    Greetings from OLLI

    • Hi Oliver, welcome to the website. Yes please send a picture of your collection to What pickups did you put in your 112? THanks!

  91. philip hoffman on said:

    What a great site. So glad I found it.
    Yamaha Tele’s are quite possibly the biggest sleeper guitar ever made.
    The “Headstock Logo Only” snob players have no idea what they are missing.
    I own three 120sd’s and always have my eye out for another. Currently negotiating for a 311MS.
    Thank you for your efforts in creating a great source of information and comradery.

    • Thanks! And welcome to the site. As someone who owns four Yamaha teles I’d have to agree. THree 102s and one 120.

  92. Bill McMurray on said:

    I have a 604w ‘Natural Finish’ guitar I found out that it was one of the first 604w guitars made, the 604w was only available in Black, Cherry Sunburst or Translucent Blue, so I wondered whether my guitar had been refinished. But after removing the neck and hardware it was obvious that the guitar had never been any other colour. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved.

    • Thanks for your post, Bill. Could you send a picture? I’ll pm you the address. Cheers

  93. Hey, I had an old 112mx natural finish and decided to give it a bit of a makeover.
    Fishman Strat Active Pickups
    Graphtech TUSQ bridge and saddles
    Perloid SSS Scratchplate from
    Chrome knobs for Tone / Volume
    Surf Green spray paint job on body

    I am over the moon with the end result!

    Still considering whether to replace standard tuners to locking tuners, although the standard ones are not too bad. Your thoughts on this?

    Ps – where can I send pics to?

    South Africa

    • Hi Henk, so sorry for the slow response, WordPress hasn’t been sending me the messages for some reason so apologies. Your makeover sounds brilliant. I’m pretty lukewarm on locking tuners, to be honest. I have them on my Pacifica 604w and on my US Telecaster but I’ve never had a problem with the regular Yamaha ones. If you’re changing stuff for appearance purposes you might think about tuners with pearloid buttons or something but otherwise I wouldn’t bother unless you’re constantly breaking strings or something. Yes, please send us some pics to and I’ll post them on the site. What made you go for the Fishman active pickups? Cheers, Simon

  94. Hi what a great site! I have a Pacifica 312ii old violin colour. Is it possible to find year from the serial number? It is PJ16058.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Hi, thanks for visiting. THere’s a link to an article about serial numbers on the homepage of this site, but I make this March 99?

      • Many thanks, I’m just getting to grips with the site. I’ve wondered why this model had a ll after the model number, I guess it was a continuation from the model 312. Sorry for all the questions, do you know how long this model was in production and is it a Taiwan made model. I’m seriously impressed with the guitar and it’s a keeper.

        • Late response, sorry, to put it mildly. Not sure how long they made them for but only the very top end models like the 9 series were made in Japan.

  95. Very interesting blog I have a Yamaha eg112 which is almost exactly like the Pacifica. I’ve totally replace the pickups and the wiring and everything on this guitar except the tuners and the nut.. I painted it Dakota red and it looks great. Main reason about this guitar was because of the body shape it is more Fuller than a strat with longer horns…. when you replaced your tuners which ones will fit a Pacifica or Yamaha 112 EG?? I have looked everywhere on every blog and no one remotely mentions what size hole is in a Pacifica or Yamaha eg112. Your blog is extremely educational and it is also very informative do you or any of your readers know what size hole is in the headstock? I don’t have an instrument to measure it with that’s why I was asking any information would be helpful thanks a lot.

    • So sorry for the very slow response. WordPress didn’t notify me of your post for some reason. What is the problem with your tuners? I’ve never had a problem with tuners on any of mine but if you’re still looking to change, say for a locking type, Wilkinson is always a good make to look for. All the usual guitar parts people will have something suitable. Just measure the size of the hole with a ruler, there are basically usually only two sizes. Don’t know where you’re based but replacing tuners is an easy job, especially if you get ones without screws as per the original Yamaha ones. Search for 2 Pin or Two Pin mounting or something similar. Like this Hope this helps if you’re not already sorted. Cheers

  96. Hi!
    I have a pacifica 112v but i don’t have the tremolo bar. Could anyone suggest what i can replace for it or store that sell them?

    Thanks a bunch whoever reply to this! 🙂

    • Hi Pat, thanks for visiting the site. My first stop for Pacifica parts is always Guitars Electric in the UK. They’ll have the right one for your 112. They’re really helpful so give them a shout and I’m sure they’ll sort you out. Essentially, though, it’s just a question of getting the right size, which I think is 5mm diameter, but check before you buy. Cheers

  97. I have a pacifica thats gutted and wanted to know if you might be able to help link the parts i would need to rebuild it? I have pictures of what it looks like posted here

    • Hi Ryan, start with the pick guard (or scratch plate) then just add the pickups, wiring and controls you want.Just go to Ebay and search Yamaha Pacifica 112 pick guard and you’ll get loads of choice. Your guitar looks like a 112 so it’s pretty standard. Then any Stratocaster type pickups and wiring harnesses will work. You can even buy these as ready-wired sets so you just need to screw them onto the scratch plate and solder them to the pickups. Again just search ebay for Strat wiring harness or similar. But wiring from scratch is very straightforward if you just want a basic strat type setup. As with most things, you can pay anything from a tenner to £150 for each pickup, depending on the sound you want and whether you want cheap Chinese or ripoff ’boutique’ models (which are generally no better than the cheapo ones!!) then you can choose between expensive US parts and switches or budget ones. Good switches and ‘pots’ (the volume and tone controls) are a good investment and feel nicer, but not necessary for a great sound. If you read some of my customisation stuff on this site you’ll get an idea of what you need to do. I recommend places like Guitars Electric and Northwest Guitars in the UK, for parts and pickups etc. but there are loads of suppliers out there now. Hope that helps but do fire any questions back that you have. Beware, guitar building can become a bit of an addiction! Take it from me! Cheers

  98. So I just got a 2004 Pacifica 412V for a fantastic price, I’m just wondering if anyone knows anything about a peculiarity I’ve noticed on mine — there’s no silkscreened mark on the back saying something like “made in Korea”.

    I can tell from the serial number (QKH0296R) that this one was the 296th one made, and was made in January 2004 (so, one of the earliest ones of this model, and definitely made in Korea, as I think they all were).

    Is this weird that there’s no “made in Korea” mark? Was mine skipped (manufacturer error), or does the “made in Korea” silkscreening only appear later in the original production run?

    I have found a few pictures of 412V serial numbers online (mostly on and the closest to mine in production order was also from January 2004, was numbered something like 1140, and had the silkscreened Korea mark.

    Anyway I really love this thing so far, really excellent guitar, so far I like it better than a standard Strat I used to own, and I got it for $150 (Canadian), incredible deal, it just has some dings on the front edges. All original parts on it. Just want to learn more about it but it’s the hardest Pacifica to find info on! Thanks!

    • Hi Jason, in my experience, there can be quite a bit of variation between supposedly identical models, depending on when they were made, things like the screw positions on the scratch plate, different logos etc for example. And as you’ll see if you look at the gallery here, some guitars even had Yamaha spelled wrongly on the headstock.

  99. Hi, can anyone tell me the thread size of a pacifica 604 trem arl. I’m having trouble getting one. I’ve been quoted 40ukp from yamaha uk which seems a bit excessive!
    tia. N

    • Which bridge is it? If it’s the 604W, which has the Wilkinson bridge, the trem is a push-in type, with no thread. It’s 5mm.

      • Nigel Hillier on said:

        thanks for the reply 🙂 It’s a 604 but it just says 604 with no W so I guess it’s not a wilkinson?

        • In which case I’m not sure what the trem arm would be if it’s the earlier model with the Yamaha bridge. You could try someone like Guitars Electric who are good for Pacifica spares and parts. Link on this site. Or someone else will hopefully pop up and help out. There are a couple of facebook groups now too. Should link to them really, now I think about it.

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            Is it possible to take a cast of the hole and thread size? I’ve done this before with Plasticine. Just make a worm of the stuff and GENTLY twist it into just the entrance of the thread. Twist it back out and measure.

          • Worth a try! But I’d be worried I’d leave a chunk of plasticine in there. Or call Yamaha and ask for the spec.

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            That’s why I advised only gently and only a small way in. Blu Tac is also useful for this as it tends to hold together a little better, although it is more prone to stretching and giving a false reading. Nice thing about Plasticine is that, if it does leave some behind in the threads it acts a little like lubricant and will squash easily!

          • Haha! Excellent. Thanks Neil.

    • Kieran Dargan on said:

      Black dog music on e bay. £4.49 plus postage. Cheers

  100. Guys does anyone know if the old style 112j pickguard will fit the newer 112 v…..?

    • No, they’re completely different. Guitars Electric sell both sorts though. Cheers Simon

  101. Eba Manna on said:

    Expecting to receive my new Yamaha Pacifica 612vii , about which I have a couple of questions:

    1. The Pacifica 612vii neck and middle pickups are Seymour Duncan SSL-1, which are staggered for traditional Strat round radius of around 7.5″- 9″. How do these pickups function/sound with the Pacifica’s much flatter radius of 13.75″ – 14″?
    Are the staggered pickups adjusted by Yamaha or Seymour Duncan, for example?

    2. Are there any differences in any specs between the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2016 and the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2020? Or are they completely identical in every way?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Eba, thanks for visiting my site. The short answer to both your questions is ‘I have no idea’. I suggest you get in touch with Yamaha’s technical people, they’re always very helpful. But to your first question, in my experience you won’t notice any difference between pickups of a different radius to the neck. I have put all sorts of pickups on all sorts of guitars and radius has never been an issue in terms of the sound. I’m sure Yamaha wouldn’t use a pickup that was in any way unsuitable. The new 6 series are marvellous guitars, I’m sure you’ll love it.

  102. Francisco Coello on said:

    Hello, Greetings from Ecuador,

    I fell in love with Pacificas while i was travelling Europe and tested one in a Music Store. So i went back to my country and bought an used one without hesitation. Well then i realized it was a 412V and (since it is old) i wanted to replace some of its original parts (it still sounds amazing). I can’t seem to find the pickguard anywhere. I’ve been looking for it like a mad man and so…here i am. Any hint of where i could find a new/used one in decent shape would be appreciated.

    PS. The old pickguard was in poor shape and I already got the BS002 bridge for replacement.

    • HI there and thanks for visiting the site. Your first stop should be here in the United Kingdom. I think they do one for the 412. But you can always get in touch with your nearest Yamaha dealer and get one straight from the manufacturer, they’re usually very helpful. Good luck! Cheers

      • Francisco Coello on said:

        Thank you a lot for your reply! i contacted the nearest Yamaha dealer and found out the guitar is now discontinued which is really annoying. I’m considering selling it since it has a couple of dents and I wanted to know if a brand new 112V could be a nice replacemente (soundwise). What do you think? Thanks a lot again!

        • The 412 is a bit of a step up in quality generally from the 112. The first number of the model is the range and the lowest quality is 0 as in 012 and they go up from there, to 112, up to 812 or whatever. I’d be inclined to stick with the 412 and make your own pick guard, there’s instructions on how to do this here on the site! If you wanted to buy a better model I’d perhaps recommend the Pacifica 611 which is a fantastic guitar with top quality parts. Good luck!

          • Francisco Coello on said:

            Hi!..thanks for Your answer and advice..i am aware about the way the model code is structured…i was thinking about sellling it becaause restoring it would cost me about 130 bucks (here in Ecuador) with spare parts…anyway..i’ll hang on to it as for now since it still sounds great (Tho it’s old and a bit smashed). Oh i got ir for 130 buck btw. Thanks again!

          • Hi Neil, good to hear from you! Yes, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that worked for the 412. Even with postage to Ecuador it’s worth a punt for only £10.50 uk I’d have thought?

          • Francisco Coello on said:

            I Also thought ir would fit so i órdened (twice) a spare from china and Amazon usa (sooo china) the thing is…u can see that the slot for the 5 way switch is smaller un the 112v (so ir doesnt fit naturally on a 412v…on the other hand…the cutaway ay the Upper part of the neck (near the pickup) it’s at 90° …the 112v is curved…there is Also spacing issues when it comes to the single pickups…in conclusió doesnt fit naturally…thanks again for Your help

  103. Francisco Coello on said:

    I Also thought ir would fit so i órdened (twice) a spare from china and Amazon usa (sooo china) the thing is…u can see that the slot for the 5 way switch is smaller un the 112v (so ir doesnt fit naturally on a 412v…on the other hand…the cutaway ay the Upper part of the neck (near the pickup) it’s at 90° …the 112v is curved…there is Also spacing issues when it comes to the single pickups…in conclusió doesnt fit naturally…thanks again for Your help

    • Are you sure it’s the same pick guard as the one from Guitars Electric? But as I say, it’s really easy to make your own, I’ve done it several times and as long as you have a decent coping saw it’s really quick to do. And fun too as you’ll end up with something totally unique to you. Don’t know whether Ecuador is in lockdown with the Covid pandemic but this would be an excellent project to do! You can make one from just about anything, like old vinyl records, bits of leather, wood, metal etc. The Yamaha Revstars have beautiful copper scratch plates on some models. I had a Fender Bass for a while that had one too, VERY nice!

      • Francisco Coello on said:

        hi again…yes it’s the same…you can see the 2 screwholes in the toggle switch area…which the 412v doesn’t have. I wish i could attach some images..anyway….for something as affordable as a pickguard…i wish i could get the real piece or at least something closer to it.(i love my yamaha and you treat them like relatives)…i will consider the option of doing it myself or have someone make me one. Anyway, if you know at some point where to find a 412V pickguard please let me know. Thanks again.

      • Francisco Coello on said:

        Thanks again..yeah i’m quite sure. I made one in a local sign shop…it is ok…but still for something as affordable as a pickguard, it’s a bit frustrating not to get a solid replacement that would fit instantly. Anyway if you know where in the world i can get one…it would be great! thanks again!.

    • NEILL DODD on said:

      Does this mean that the neck end and pocket are squared off like a telecaster on the 412 whilst it is rounded on the 112, Francisco?

      What annoying little changes. Makes me wonder about the others in the range now.

      • Francisco Coello on said:

        yes indeed Neill, it is squared off…and the one in the 112 is rounded. Also, the cavity in the toggle switch is shorter (no screws) so it is impossible to have a nice “switching range”. It also has a litle spacing issues between the single coil pickups (it makes the one closer to the neck to tilt a bit). As i said, i made one and it works, but it’s not as nice as i would like it to be. And you know, Pacificas are beautiful guitars. So…it’s that little feeling of not feeling complete. Hope you understand. hehe

      • Have just realised my 604 has this arrangement too, will open up the back and report back!

        • SO, just looked, the screws are flat head ones in recesses under the scratch plate. Very neat!

          • Francisco Coello on said:

            just checked the 604w…it seems it would fit my 412V…could it be? now i need to get one to test it.

          • I’ve never found any scratch plates for the 604. My son got one specially made here in the UK. Lots of companies offer a custom pick guard service but it can work out expensive. I think he paid about £30.

  104. Francisco Coello on said:

    here is another question regarding the 412V, the one I bought has a rusty bridge (which i guess is the original one). Is there a safe way to restore it? it there isn’t..i’ve found this bridge which seems to be the same

    According to your experience…should i still try to restore it or should i get this chinese spare? thank you again.

    • I’ve never tried to de-rust a bridge but I imagine it can be done if the rust hasn’t gone too deep into the metal and eaten it all away. Here’s a video where he uses WD40, people also recommending soaking in vinegar etc.

      I imagine your local hardware shop might sell something too, for cars etc.

      Found this article too which uses Brasso metal cleaner/polish and WD40 again.

      • Francisco Coello on said:

        thanks a lot!…i’ve heard about vinager and that kind of stuff..i’ll deffinetly explore that option since i’m sticking with my 412V. Did u get to check the link i posted tho? could it work as a replacement?

        • YOu’d have to carefully check the measurements, but many Fender style parts drop into Pacificas nicely.

  105. NEILL DODD on said:

    I’d love to see a pic of this bargain 412V and to see what sort of state it is in.

    • I think they might be the best looking of all the Pacificas with the cream binding. Always loved them.

    • Francisco Coello on said:

      I’m sorry are you talking about my 412V? sure i’ll send some pictures just let me know what email address i should send them to. It’s a little bit old and rusty but i’m not giving up on her. Cheers.

      • NEILL DODD on said:

        Brilliant. Yes I was meaning your 412V Francisco. It will be fascinating to see it. I love a rescued guitar.

        I think the admin are probably right that you may have to cut your own scratchplate from raw material in view of these strange discrepancies. It may seem daunting but it is possible.

        • It’s easy! Coping saw, sandpaper. The hardest bit is cutting the slot for the switch.

          • NEILL DODD on said:

            For slots I use a line of drilled holes and tidy up with a file. For bigger openings it’s just a case of getting a coping saw or fret saw into a strategically placed hole and then working away from it.

            I tend to use a craft knife edge to pare away the edge angle and tidy up with wet and dry wrapped around a dowel.

          • Exactly.

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