Your Pacificas

Got a Yamaha Pacifica you’d like to show the world? Send it to me and I’ll post it here.

Henk in South Africa has gone to town on his 112, adding very nice white Graphtech bridge saddles, a pearl scratchplate, (very expensive) Fishman active pickups that give you a traditional Strat sound plus a bit of Texas Specials style grit via a push pull on the tone pot, with the battery sitting in the tremelo cavity, held by the blocked off tremelo springs.


Here’s a superb refinish/upgrade job on a 502V from Davy Maguire in Ireland. Here’s what he says: “I filled the tremolo cavity with a mahogany block & put a Callaham hardtail bridge on it, bone nut, locking Schaller tuners, kept the Seymour Duncan SP90s (because they’re amazing) but changed the covers to nickel that I sourced from Crox guitars! I had a guy called Colin Gillese from Northern Ireland refinish the guitar in a pearlescent gunmetal grey & the pickguard was made by a local luthier Ernie McMillen!!  I have a bit of a love affair with this one!”

To prove that our influence is spreading worldwide, here’s an unusual 604w sent by Bill McM in Australia. I’ve never seen a natural one before. Bill says: “I found out that it was one of the first 604w guitars made, the 604w was only available in Black, Cherry Sunburst or Translucent Blue, so I wondered whether my guitar had been refinished. But after removing the neck and hardware it was obvious that the guitar had never been any other colour. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved.”


John Ze from one of the Pacifica Facebook groups has done a great job on this 112 to make it highly unique-looking. He says: “It’s been upgraded with a Lollartron in the bridge and two area 59 Dimarzios. The bridge and tuners were changed to generic gold ones. We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver. My wife helped me draw the feathers (not leaves as Simon from thought) on the pickguard after it was sprayed black.”

Here’s what he says

Joel Lolin, also from Facebook’s Yamaha Pacific Lovers page, has done some nice work on his guitars. Top one is not strictly a Pacifica, it’s an SC700 but the distressed 120 tele shape is and it’s a great-looking guitar.

Philip in the US is a big fan of Yamaha Pacifica 12Os, he has three. He’s sent us this pic of an original big logo 120 that he’s customised beautifully.

Here’s what he says “When I purchased this Yamaha 120sd, it was originally a natural wood color but quite rough. The electronics were DOA. The neck and fretboard were near perfect. (go figure!) I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. Wanting a 2-tone body, I first finished the sides in clear varnish. Then stained the top and back a walnut brown. (used a water based stain so it couldn’t bleed into the already varnished sides. Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. The pick-ups are from a MIM Fender Stratocaster. The pick-guard is a generic Strat-type tortoise-shell. The body required quite a bit of routing to accommodate the three single coils pickups and controls. The tortoise-shell pick-guard also had to be re-shaped to fit the 120sd.”

Pacifica 112 gets some lurrrrve

A warm welcome to our new friend Omar Khan who has been doing some very inspiring work on his 112VMX as these pictures testify…

Here are the specs:

Bridge: Super Vee Blade Runner Tremelo with Brass Block
Electricals:, Dimarzio 5-Way switch and push/pull volume and tone for coil split and low cut (high pass) filter
Bridge pup: Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon
Middle pup: Seymour Duncan SSL-1
Neck pup: Dimarzio Satch Track
Tuners: Red Sperzel Locking
Nut & Saddles: Graphtech
Not forgetting the skull and crossbones knobs!

Love this Pacifica with soft edges…

Another new visitor to the site, Rober Sanx sent me a picture of his very inspiring120S conversion, complete with reshaped body and headstock, scalloped frets at the top end, blow-torched and oiled finish, a pickup mod and fretboard inlay. Looks like a very expensive custom guitar now. You can see a little movie on Youtube of some of the work-in-progress stages of his project here: Rober’s Video

How about this: a Pacifica with Yamaha mis-spelled?

Meanwhile, here’s a really mysterious Pacifica 904 from Sergio. The Yamaha is spelt YaHaMa on the headstock!!!! How on earth did this happen? Anyone got any ideas? Is this a one-off prototype or what? Surely these logos are just transfers?


My first thought that it was a counterfeit but it has everything else present, Warmoth neck etc. Does anyone know where the serial number is on a 904?

And talking of odd headstocks, Henk in the Netherlands sent this pic of his 712. Very old-style fat lettering on the Pacifica logo compared with most of the 90s models.

New friend of the site and new Pacifica fan is Tapsa from Sweden. Here’s his superb 502V.vend308651_630x630 vend308651_630x630 (1)

And, bitten by the bug, he’s now got a Tele-style 311 too!


How to plan your next modifications…

Now, bit of an unusual one. Neill in the UK has been musing on his ideal Pacifica…over to Neil to talk us through….

“I saw a Fret King Superhybrid for sale and, although they are great guitars, I can’t stand their Batwing headsocks and Wave scratchplates; they just seem to be trying too hard to NOT be Fenders when that is what they clearly are. So I thought, ‘how could I do a better job?’.  In the corner of my room stood my Pacifica 112 and I soon realised that the body shape would be right, the new smaller scratchplate would be right too.  It was time to photoshop my ultimate Pacifica.

The great thing about the Fret King Superhybrid was the addition of a Wilkinson Acoustabridge with under saddle piezos which would give me acoustic sounds like Pete Townsend’s Strat.

A coil splitting ‘bucker in roughly the Tele’s bridge position could be good too though, in retrospect, I may stick with a Tele pickup there.

And a P90 at the neck. Always wanted a P90 at the neck.

Scratchplate?  Stick to Pacifica or freshly make a Tele-shaped one…or combine the two!

All of the knobs could be moved from their original Pacifica positions to new ones without leaving ugly scars except for one but, joy of joys, that could be covered if I moved the jack socket to the body front with a Strat ‘boat’ plate.  This has always been my least favourite thing about the Pacifica, when sitting down on the sofa, the cable catches on cushions and so on.  Clearly the big-bellied, fat-forearmed Telecaster testers who helped Leo design the Strat had the same complaint here too. And if I swivelled that boat socket to the horizontal it would mean the cable was heading in the right direction to go over the strap pin when strapped on.”

So here are Neill’s ideas in pics. What do we think?

Fret King superhybrid pacifica 611 vfm superhybrid hybrid jazz plate PACIFICA scratchplate RED HEADSTOCK pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA MOTHER OF PLASTIC WHITE SCRATCHPLATE SURF GREEN HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA SCRATCHPLATE RED HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid jack moved PACIFICA TORT TELE SCRATCHPLATE SURF GREEN HEAD CHOICE 1 pacifica superhybrid hybrid PACIFICA SCRATCHPLATE CHOICE 2 Pacifica superhybrid with Mustang control plate

 Pacifica collections to be jealous of!

This sensational collection is owned by Kieran Dargan. Sneaked a non-Pacifica in there but as it’s a Yamaha we’ll let it go!kieran dargan pacifica

Great shot of a collection of high end models just in from Rob in the Netherlands…

BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. FRONT:Pacifica 721 (left), Pacifica 721 with Pacifica 512 loaded pickguard

BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. FRONT:Pacifica 721 (left), Pacifica 721 with Pacifica 512 loaded pickguard

Pacifica fan Rob in Atlanta, USA, sent these three lovely 112s for the gallery.Pacifica fan Rob in Atlanta, USA, sent these three lovely 112s for the gallery.


This one's a mystery! Anyone know whether this is a rare custom model or a home-made custom job? Thanks to Rafa for sharing.

This one’s a mystery! Anyone know whether this is a rare custom model or a home-made custom job? Thanks to Rafa for sharing.


373 thoughts on “Your Pacificas

  1. Rafael Medina on said:

    Hello forgive the translation of my English but I’m using a translator to escribierle this. That I own a yamaha pacifica out of the ordinary its serial number is: ML22116 if you tell me your email could send pictures to see if I can say that model is, thank you very much.

  2. Steve Thompson on said:

    Hi, I own a blue 604w , great guitar. I recently bought a Gibson 490T humbucker for the bridge position. Can someone advise me on the wiring. As you know the 604 is coil tapped and the Gibson pickup I have has 4 wires. Thanks Steve.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for coming to the site. Short answer is that you can just wire the Gibson in as a direct swap for the 604’s existing humbucker as that has four wires too, to allow the coil tap. As long as you know which are the live leads and which are the earths you’ll be fine. Different makes have different colour schemes annoyingly. But if you want a diagram, either look at the link to the Artec wiring book below, which might have one (haven’t checked), but failing that go to the Seymour Duncan site which has every wiring setup known to man! If you can’t find one, come back and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers

      • Hey, Woz, thanks for that. Great to build up a resource file. Cheers.

    • Because the 604w has two single-coils together in the bridge position rather than a true humbucker, I found that a little extra work was required to get things working right with a replacement humbucker. I found that after installing a 4-connector dimarzio humbucker, splitting the humbucker and selecting position 2 (bridge+middle) did not result in hum cancelling. I assume this is because of how Yamaha organized which single coils were RWRP for the factory configuration. Re-installing and rewiring the neck pickup into the middle position (and middle pickup into the neck position) solved the problem for me.

      • Thanks for that. Interested to know why you didn’t like the original Yamaha pickup?

        • I wanted a medium-high output humbucker suitable for an 80s hard rock sound, and to better pick up hammer-ons and pinch harmonics. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking.

          • Yes, I can understand that. I’ve replaced the pickups in all my Pacifica Teles to give them a little more personality. And in the white 112 which has the Dimarzio Super Distortion plus the five stage boost/distortion switch. That’s an awesome mod if you’re looking for serious rock power!

  3. Storris on said:

    Hi, I have a 302s in brown with gold and mother of pearl guard. I love the guitar but it looks like something from the wrong end of the seventies, so some fairly drastic mods are in the pipeline, with a tremolo conversion and a 3rd pickup.

    I was just wondering really what the difference is between the x02s. On those I’ve seen the body, neck, hardware and controls all appear to be identical between the 3 models. Could you point me to some spec sheets please?

    • Hi, thanks for coming to the site. As far as I am aware the differences are just cosmetic, as you say. With the Pacifica ‘telecasters’ you don’t really see any real difference until you go to the Mike Stern 1511. Even the 1511 has the same neck as the 02s but with the neck humbucker. The 120s are different from the 02s though, with a much bigger body and the two humbuckers of course. But, again, the necks are identical on the 02s, 120s and 112s too. I swap them all around willy nilly! Here’s Yamaha’s discontinued models page: HERE

      • Storris on said:

        Thanks for the reply and the link. That’s what I suspected but its nice to have confirmation.

        • My pleasure. Love to see a pic when you’ve done your mods. We can stick it on the site. Actually I see that I wrote “Even the the 1511 has the same neck”…I meant the 311 of course. The 1511 has a vintage Fender spec with 7.25 radius etc.

  4. Iv got a Yam pac custom shop from early 90s.Floyd Rose ,2 hum buckets 1 coil,gold hardware,burnt orange body.No serial number or model number.Strat shape.Can anyone help me on model number and worth.Thanks

    • Kieran Dargan on said:

      Pac usa 1 and 2 (Strat and Tele) shapes – average $800-$1000 depending on condition – yours sounds like a USA 2 – no longer made

  5. Please can you let me know where i can find a top of the range pacifica and MIJ,USA pacifica guitars also thank you..

  6. Please can you inform me where I can purchase a MIJ and USA pacifica guitar, Also where can I get a complete pacifica catalog..thx you..

    • Hi Russell, thanks for visiting my site. This site isn’t affiliated to Yamaha in any way so can’t supply you with dealers etc. Suggest you visit the main Yamaha website for your country. But eBay is your friend for used Pacificas at great prices. Good luck with you search, let us know if you cop a bargain! Cheers

    • Hi Rob, thanks for visiting the site. That is a lovely collection of top-end Pacificas, very nice! Can I use the pictures on the site?

      • Rob Elissen on said:

        Sorry for my late response, but I would be honoured! Cheers!
        Peace to all of you,


    • Your picture is now on the site. I went to the Facebook page to join but they seem to be taking a long time to approve my membership!

  7. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi there I just purchased a Pac120s and need to replace the nut it is not the original one but don’t know what the dimension of the original one should be any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Louis, I measured the nut on my 120 and it’s 41 mm. But I got a new nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha. If you find your local Yamaha office and call them they will order one for you at very little cost. Or take it into your local guitar shop and buy a blank. Good luck and thanks for coming to the site.

  8. Louis Lautz on said:

    Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response I live in Mexico and will see if they can get one for me at the yamaha store meanwhile I will try to rework the existing nut that is in very poor shape. In your opinion are these guitars worth fixing up.
    Mine is a PAC 120sd and I am thinking of replacing the humbuckers for the traditional tele single coil configuration and ading a scratchplate.
    greetings from Tlayacapan Morelos Mexico

    • No problem, happy to help. As to whether it’s worth fixing up, as long as the neck and frets are in good shape, definitely yes. I have fixed up and customised quite a few Pacificas and think they are fantastic guitars after a little attention. But the 120 will need a lot of work to convert it to tele style pickups: the routes are all wrong, in the wrong places and of course you’d need a new bridge to make it a proper tele style guitar. And you’d have to make the scratchplate to fit!! Not sure it’s worth the effort and cost when you can buy a Pacifica 102 with all that stuff done for you! I have simply replaced the pickups (with Artec rickenbacker style ones) in my 120 and painted it bright yellow now (see picture on the site). In case you hadn’t realised, the 120 has a much fatter, heavier body than the 102 too. They look the same at first glance but they’re not, although the necks are interchangeable. Hope that helps!

  9. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi , I will pay attention to your suggestion and exchange the humbuckers for some other ones maybe some P90’S if I can find some decent priced second hand here in Mexico i like the smaller body on this guitar and will consider sanding the body and refinishing in a slightly darker tone will send images of the project as it is done.
    best wishes always

  10. Hello there! I’ve been a fan of Pacificas and your website for years! It’s only recently I have begun to have a sort of obsession with all Yamaha guitars and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions regarding some of the various models that exist. Thanks again for this website and hope to hear from you soon.

    • They can get you like that. I should know! I’ll answer any questions I can but I”m by no means a guru, just a fan like you.

      • Tell me about it! I began playing on an old Yamaha acoustic. Later I found out it was an FG-335 from the 70’s that my mother bought my father as a gift before they were married. Anyway, a few years ago I felt I needed a new electric after years with my Schecter, and that I wanted a tremolo equipped guitar. I found a Pacifica 612v at a local guitar shop, in mint condition, for $600. Went home, researched it, and ran back to the store before it was gone. The store owner still kicks himself to this day, says he should have sold it for more. One hell of a guitar and my favorite Yamaha by far.

        I then bought a C70 classical guitar and it was then that I truly realized the value of these guitars and what Yamaha represents. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. Over the past year, I’ve bought a cheap FS650MS acoustic, a used natural Pacifica 120SJ (upgraded) tele style, an EG112 for my girlfriend (upgraded as well), an RGX121S in satin black and there have been a few that have gotten away, but I’m always looking. I’m GASing for an RGZ112P in black or white. I can’t get enough of these guitars!

        • Yep, I have a similar story. Had an old acoustic, then an AEX jazzy semi-acoustic before buying my son a 604w as his first proper guitar. I was amazed by the quality/price ratio and since then have bought seven Pacificas for myself. Cheap as chips on eBay, cheapest was £40!. Perfect for customising and generally mucking about with as you can see from the pics. The pickups and paint cost more than the guitar in some cases!

  11. So your son’s first guitar was perfection. What a lucky kid! Is it true that the 604w has two single coils put together instead of the traditional humbucker for the hss route? I read somewhere that there is also a 604 without the wilkinson or am I getting confused with the 812v/812w? Haven’t read about those models in ages… and also, are you familiar with the RGZ112P? Those are the predecessors to the Pacifica line from what I can see! I want one really bad, and one in black actually slipped through my fingers on ebay not too long ago. It was modded with a rail type neck pickup and duncan bridge.

    • The 604 has a tapped humbucker which means you can pull up the tone control and it becomes a single coil for a proper strat sound. Very common on modern humbuckers to be able to do this. I have a feeling the lastest Pacifica 112s all have this too although the 90s ones I have don’t. Yes the W stands for Wilkinson, and you can indeed find 604s with a different tremelo unit. No don’t know the RGZs as such. I’ll check them out, thanks.

      • To be clear, the humbucker in the 604W is composed of two discrete single coil pickups wired together. They are in separate housings, held by separate mounting screws, and have separate magnets. Once you pull them out and disconnect the leads, you could install them in separate guitars.

        • Well there you go! That’s why I set this site up so people can share their knowledge. Thanks, Craig, I had no idea but no now I look at them you’re clearly correct. I’ve never taken a 604w apart, unlike the 112s and 102s and 120.

          • I’ve just discovered what the numbering systems means on Pacificas, thanks to a youtube post. (I’ve added a link in the Links panel). The first is the quality level of body, second is number of humbuckers, third is number of single coils, letters describe other attributes eg M for maple, D for alternative Tele shape etc. So 604w I guess means level 6 quality, no humbuckers, 4 single coils, Wilkinson trem. Which all fits perfectly!

  12. That’s exactly what I was referring to. Two single coils placed next to each other. This must have a different tone when distorted but must sound much more authentic as single coil when split.

    • A humbucker is essentially two single coils next to each other of course, that’s how it cancels the hum and smoothes out the sound but it does look like the 604 takes this a step further construction wise. So Craig, do the new 112s just have a regular coil tap on their humbucker or are they two proper single coils too like the 604?

      • My Pacifica 112VM is a new model with the simplified headstock logo that I love. If the presence if adjustment screws is an indicator of how the bridge pickup is designed, I can confirm that mine just has two, suggesting that it is a standard splittable humbucker.

        Whatever the matter it sounds really nice and boosty in ‘bucker mode and Stratty enough for me and very clean when split although I notice that Music Radar weren’t overly keen on the split mode sound. God, I love that close-up photo of a baby blue Pacifica.

        • In fact, I can see now that it’s clearly standard humbucker with adjustable poles and solid slugs.

  13. Louis Lautz on said:

    Hi Guys just a quick question I recently purchased my firts Yamaha Pacifica its a Pac 120 and really like the sound I get from the humbuckers but my sight is really on the Pac 102 sx and recently saw one on a local website here in Mexico my question is , in your opinion which is the better guitar should I purchase the 102 sx or just saty with the 120 I like both of them.

    • You can’t really say one is better or worse, they are just different. If you want a guitar that sounds like a basic Telecaster, go for the 102. If you want a guitar that sounds more like a Gibson or Tele Deluxe, stick with the 120. The 102 body is thinner and lighter too if that makes any difference to you. They look similar at first glance but they aren’t. Although the necks are identical. I have both and they’re both fantastic. Not sure if that helps! 🙂

      • Hello Louis and Admin!

        I agree with the admin (as I have before) and both are really great guitars but depends on what kind of music you like playing. Heavier music demands more output, and the 120 is perfect as it is equipped with dual humbuckers. I own a Pacifica 120SJ:
        (will post all of my pacificas and yamaha guitars to soon)

        If you are looking to play lighter styles of music that require less distortion or output, then go for the 102, but honestly, you have a heck of a guitar already. If you want better pickups, replace with some that can be split, and then you may be able to coax some convincing single coil sounds out of it without having to replace the guitar (depending on your gear, amp, etc.)

        I say keep the 120SJ, it’s a great playing guitar, with great tuners, great frets, great stock pickups (yes, I admit this, I still haven’t changed mine), and the most comfortable neck I’ve yet to play and I have played many and owned many high end guitars. The Pacifica 120 is a keeper in my eyes.

      • Louis Lautz on said:

        thanks I am very pleased with the 120 so much im considering selling my squier telecaster to go afetr and purchase the 102 sx
        if the 102 sx sounds and play like the 120 i think its the end of the line for my squier tele.
        thanks for your help

        • I would say that the 102 is a better guitar than the Squier on the whole. Nicer neck, cutaway body, better hardware. One thing I would recommend is shielding the electrics though. Takes 15 minutes and removes 90% of the hum. I have three 102s, all modded. SHows how much I love them!

  14. Louis Lautz on said:

    Thanks I like the 120 very much I find my self grabbing for it all the time , I like the neck pickup also nice sounding stock pickup don’t think I will change anything on it.

    I play it through a Mustang l Fender amp downloaded a Roland JC120 from the fender community software and sounds real nice.
    thank you for your feedback
    best wishes

    • Those Mustangs are fabulous amps, seriously under-rated.

  15. Louis Lautz on said:

    Yes I agree 100% with you and the real magic comes alive with the FUSE fender community downloads there are quite a few to choose from depending on tastes. Enough from the amp lets talk about Pacificas, any suggestions on the strat type as best purchase best player. i see ther is one with humbucker and P-90

    • In terms of bang for your buck, I’d have to recommend the 604w from the mid nineties. Really well made, really tough hardware, great neck…a real step up from a basic 112. Easily as good as an entry level US Fender strat if not better. But 904s are even nicer but tend to be expensive and rare secondhand. I wouldn’t bother with the new Pacificas, myself.

      • Would you care to elaborate on that last comment about the latest Pacificas? You mean the 112v or in general? I thought the 611 and 510 look quite impressive, everything to the hardware looks nice on those!

        • I just don’t like the look of most of them. But to be fair I haven’t played any of them for any length of time. The 90s ones are so cheap that I can’t imagine buying a newer one. Not even sure if they do a high end range any more like the old 904s, for example, with Warmoth necks and inlays etc other than the Mike Stern tele. Which is just a US tele clone with a Yamaha badge on, in effect.

  16. I haven’t played them either, but I like to think that they have the thin and comfortable necks that most Yamaha strat/tele bodies have. That 510 is the one that most appeals to me of all of them, mostly because of the vintage tremolo, but if it had a single coil in the neck position as well, i would have probably already bought it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Yammie with humbucker bridge + single coil neck and vintage tremolo, as those only come with licensed floyd rose bridges.

    • I’m sure they’re great – I’ve never seen a Yamaha that wasn’t, acually!

    • 510 is a great guitar I had one and can’t figure out why I got rid of it. It’s actually quite versatile. The Seymour Duncan in it was immense . Neck to me seemed a if it was bigger than a 112V maybe it was the gloss finish giving me that impression although it did seem to have more space on the fretboard. I recall it was routed hss at least mine was . I think I may possibly get another one I loved that guitar.

  17. Louis Lautz on said:

    Need help with fret wire size for pac 120 crown size hight width any ideas?
    my newly purchased second hand guitar needs new frets.

    • Personally, I’ve no idea. Are you going to do the job yourself? You’re very brave.

    • Louis Lautz on said:

      Thanks, JA
      Its seems that there is plenty info on this link I havent done anything to the frets yet but plan on getting the job done with a certified luthier instead of messing up the guitar. thanks for the post very informative .
      Greetings from Tlayacapan , Mexico

  18. Rob Elissen on said:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for posting my pic! By the way: I made a mistake; the cream coloured Pacifica in the back (in the right) is a Pacifica 521. Again, thanx and great site!

    Best wishes,

    Rob Elissen

  19. Just to say I’ve posted another couple of funky 120s on the Pacificas on the web page including a brilliant-looking three pickup job

  20. Miguel on said:

    I am a proud owner of a moded Yamaha 112vm. and found this site.
    how can i share with all the fans my aqquisition?
    Other question is either the link about scrashplates posted by you, is there any other site where i can get more scrathcplates options?

    Thanks and keep rocking.

    • Hi Miguel thanks for visiting Yamaha If you want to send me a picture I’ll post it on the YOUR PACIFICAS page. Send to
      As for scratchplates, that UK seller is the only one I’ve used but they are popping up on eBay now, with sellers in China. It’s quite easy to make your own too which is load of fun. There are some instructions in my How to Customise page or this is a great video: and part two here:
      Look forward to getting the picture!