2 thoughts on “Pac112MIRROR

  1. Hi,
    Your site is very interesting, I had a pleasure to admire all these Pacificas, very good work !
    I bought an old Pacifica 112 YNS, the serial number indicates it was made either in 1997 or in 2007, in Taiwan … What do you think ? ( When the production of Pacificas in Taiwan was stopped ? )
    Thanks for your help !

    • If it has two plastic knobs attached to the pickguard it will be the 1997, I think. If it has two metal knobs attached directly to the body, and a coil tap switch, it will be the later one I think. I’m not an expert on dates but hope that helps and thanks for coming to the site! YNS stands for Yellow Natural Satin, it’s the colour rather than the model number I think.

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