6 thoughts on “Mint condition Pacifica 102

  1. C major 7 on said:

    Cool site – the conversions are very creative.

    I like the simplicity of the Mint Condition 102. I played one almost the same but the volume and tone controls were white plastic (from new). Have they been changed to black on this one, or were they black as standard? Any other modifications?

    • Well spotted and thanks for the kind comments. I used the white knobs for the Snowcaster. I’d forgotten, actually, that I’d switched them. Need to switch them back for it to be true mint I guess!

  2. Stones on said:

    Just bought myself an Old 102s and it plays like a dream 🙂

    • I think they are one of the very best kept secrets in the guitar world. Stick some decent pickups on it and you can take it to the next level, too. The stock ones are fine but a little thin sounding. The other thing worth doing is shielding. Just line the insides of the cavities and the back of the scratch plate with the sticky copper foil you can get on ebay and solder a wire from the foil to the back of the volume pot. Takes twenty minutes and gets rid of 90% of hum. Cheers!

      • Stones on said:

        Thanks for the advice with the hum, will do that sometime during January 🙂

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