My Pacificas

I like to take a perfectly good old Yamaha Pacifica guitar and ruin it. By making it into something completely different. Like turning a knackered old natural wood Pacifica 112 into a John Lennon-style Rickenbacker 325 lookalike. Or taking a PAC120 Telecaster deluxe style one and turning it into a Gretsch 6120 lookalike, complete with Bigsby tremolo and fake F-hole. (Except I didn’t get on with this so it became a bright yellow Les Paul Special look-alike with Rickenbacker style jangley pickups. The Specialcaster.)

Here it is in its current incarnation: The Pacifica Specialcaster. 

Just added a different scratchplate. Had a white pearl lying around from a 112 so attacked it with the coping saw and Dremel to create a Cabronita vibe instead of the Gibson vibe…Thinking about raising the action and putting some heavy strings on and learning slide guitar. Any tips anyone?


My Pacifica Wilkocaster…

Or building a tribute to Wilko Johnson’s legendary Telecaster using a PAC102. Which Wilko himself signed for me at his comeback gig in Cambridge on 6th March last year! This replicates his own 62 Fender Telecaster which has Bo Diddley’s signature on the back of the headstock in green Sharpie too.

I seriously ‘relic’ed’ this, as they say. Which means I took a perfectly good guitar and based it about to make it look 50 years old. Used salt and vinegar to rust the metal bits and lots of green washing up pads with WD40 on to dull down all the shiney parts. Had to paint the red scratchplate myself as couldn’t find one to buy. I think it looks great. And it sounds great with the same pickups that Wilko used to use.

Wilko Johnson signed my 102 Wilkocaster!

Wilko Johnson signed my 102 Wilkocaster!

Or using the original maple neck off the Rickenbacker lookalike to turn another PAC102 into a would-be fifties black-guard Broadcaster which has now morphed into a fantastic Esquire-alike with home-made pickguard and Sonic Monkey 50s Esquire flat pole pickup: my favourite guitar possibly, along with the red 102. All artificially aged too.

But I’m not touching my 604W which is perfect as it is.

Then there’s the Snowcaster. A 112 that I got off eBay as a total wreck (complete with wooden pickguard) and converted into a white beauty with an Artec boost/overdrive circuit built in–a bit like Eric Clapton’s strats, therefore. A bit.

Then there was the Danocaster, a 102 tele painted to look like a 50s Danelectro – inspired by E from the Eels. But this is now a metallic red Esquire. See the How To Customise page…