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  1. Adrijan Jakšić on said:


    I love the old pacificas also, those with thinner, and less wide necks, I have 3 pacifica’s 112jmc gold II limited edition with gold finish, fully upgraded, 604w black with white tortoise pickguard, with seymour duncan pickups, bone nut… Also I have a 812v, newer model with flame 4A maple top, red finish, with sd pups… I have swaped the two tremolos, yamahas r1000v on 604w, and gotoh/wilkinson vs100 on 812v
    Also my brother has a 112jmx sunburst, with dragonfire pickups and wilkinson vs50k II tremolo… All of them are great guitars 🙂

    • Great guitars! Interesting choice of pickups, too. The original pickups are the only weakness on the Pacificas, very bright sounding to me. Why did you change the tremelos, though?

  2. Adrijan Jakšić on said:

    Don’t know if you understood me… I change them one for another, so the yamaha’s r1000v was on 812v and vs100 was on 604w but I switch them… because 812v has a flame top and it’s a greater value guitar so I wanted ti have vs100 tremolo on it because it’s better than r1000v
    on gold one I have dimarzio classic paf (bridge humbucker), sd hotrails (neck pickup) and hoping for lace sensor (hot) gold for middle position… on 604w sd jb, sd ssl-4t and sd ssl-4t… on 812v sd ’59 (bridge humbucker), sd ssl-2 (neck single) and hoping for sd aps-2 for middle position 😀

  3. Ah, yes, I understand now. Yes, that makes sense. The Wilkinson tremelo is excellent, isn’t it?Good choice of pickups. I’ve actually been thinking about trying a set of Lace Sensors in my 604w but I’d have to get a scratch plate specially made, or make one. Did you see my white 112 Snowcaster? That has a Dimarzio super Distortion at the neck which is a great pickup, too.

    • Adrijan Jakšić on said:

      You mean at bridge position? Yes it’s cool
      On the 604w whick is black, I’ll change the tortoise pickguard for a chrome one, because it’ll look like a blast 🙂

  4. Yes, bridge, DUH! My brain was not working yesterday! Do you want to send me some pics for the site? They sound really cool. Chrome looks great, like Nile Rodgers’ white strat!

    Where did you get your tortoise scratchplate for the 604w? Never seen these anywhere.

    • Adrijan Jakšić on said:

      Well, yes, I could send you some pics, where?
      Well the pearl tortoise pickguard was originally on 604w, but I will sell it after buying chrome…

  5. Robert Gough on said:

    Hello….. I have just found this site “Great” and I am also a Yamaha lover with a 121D and 102SX.
    I have just bought the 102SX in need of some TLC but fully working, I stripped and rebuilt, now the bridge pickup doesn’t work, I found a small diameter red wire that seems to have come away I think from the selector toggle switch that goes to this pickup. Not having a soldering iron I tried super glue, although now secured in position I think it’s from, still no response.
    Please can any help/advise and are their any wiring diagrams about.
    Any comments would be welcome.
    Thank you…. Rob

    • Hmmm, not sure super glue would work as no idea whether it conducts electricity! Soldering irons are usually very cheap. Are you in the UK? You can get one for under £7 including postage on eBay! There’s a link to some wiring diagrams on this site … click on it and look for GENERAL WIRINGS OF MAGNETIC PICKUPS at the bottom, click on the link and on page 11 is a classic Telecaster wiring diagram. But you should be able to see where the wire has come from by the lump of solder remaining on the contact. The Seymour Duncan pickup website is a great source of wiring info too. Let us know how you get on.

  6. robby Ramdhani on said:

    How can I send you the pics of my pacifica? Thanks

  7. Andrew on said:

    Hi guys. I am looking at upgrading the v1000s tremolo on my 612v but on a measure the posts are 58mm apart not 56 so how does the 510 fit?

  8. Henk van der Burg on said:

    hi,ive got a pacifica 712 and i dont have any idea what im looking at :).
    i do not play guitar i just like to watch at them and i am a huge guitarmusic fan.
    what can you tell me about this wonderfull instrument?
    ita a pacifica 712 the serienumber is PZ12105 and made in Taiwan.
    it need some maintenence but its looking very good
    thank you!!

    • If you follow the links on the site, you can go to the Yamaha site and find the specification for all these older Pacificas. Thanks for visiting!

      • Henk van der Burg on said:

        my pac 712 is made december 12 1989 as number 105 at the qingdao factory Korea,ive got a squier amp and this pac sounds great,can anyone tell me whats it worth?
        thank you!

        • Probably not as much as you’d like it to be. Best thing is to keep an eye on eBay and watch what this model goes for. Here in the UK, the higher specification Strat-type Pacificas tend to go for between £150 and £200.

          • Henk van der Burg on said:

            i bought it for 86 pounds…. its a 100 €
            with the guitar came a Fender guitarcase and Squier 15 amp all in good condition and working

          • Bargain! You could pay that much for the case alone.

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