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  1. Hi Do you know where I can get replacement parts for a 311ms? I found one and I want to restore it to its former glory. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks-Dewey

    • Hi Dewey, thanks for coming to my site. If you want actual Yamaha parts you can get them direct from Yamaha. I got some nuts, for example, from Yamaha UK. You seem to be in Hawaii so I imagine you can get genuine parts from Yamaha USA. But, apart from the necks, you can use any parts that fit Fenders. So any bridge designed to fit a modern Fender Telecaster (not vintage ones) will fit, pickups are standard Tele specifications etc. Scratchplates are a bit trickier. You can get them in the UK for the basic Pac 102 with the tele neck pickup but haven’t yet seen one with the humbucker cutout. They’re really easy to make yourself though. I made the black Esquire type one you can see on the natural 102 here. Which parts are you looking for, in particular?

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