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  1. Adrian Bradley on said:

    I have been on the lookout for a 120s for some time, and as I have two 102’s and a 302s thought about using the body as a template and making one myself. I have come by a slab of sapele (3 piece) and have a neck from a pacifica that is as good as mint. however it appears the 120 body is slightly bigger than the 102/302 and so i’m in need of some kind soul that can draw me or do a template (inc pickup routs if poss?) and send me pictures of the 120s body.

    • Hi Adrian, thanks for visiting the site! You could buy this for £8, the 120 service manual which will give you a lot of specification info. http://www.cqout.com/item.asp?id=17305368 You’re right about the 120 body being bigger, it’s much more like a Fender. Loads of pics on the net but I can send more of mine if it helps.

      • Adrian Bradley on said:

        Thanks for the reply, will follow the link… and keep you posted on progress.

        Cheers, Adrian

    • Have fun! If I had a bit of body wood I’d be inclined to do something a bit more crazy than a 120 body, I must admit. An offset body or something more unique to you. At least you can do it a custom colour. Yes, please keep us posted with lots of pics of your progress, would be a great addition to the site. Cheers

  2. Yea,
    Back in the 80’s I bought a Yamaha SJ550 and over the years played the neck off the dang thing. I had to replace rusty sweat crusted bridge and replace the neck with a Warmoth equivalent. Every one always complimented me on the how sweet the guitar sounded. Recently I came across a used white Pacifica 120s under $200 and had to buy it. Great neck, nice feel, even sounded decent enough but I gave it the full electronic upgrade. Duncan hot rod pickup set, upgraded pots including a push pull coil tap. Incredible how much quality Yamaha has in these inexpensive guitars. Guitar covers everything I need to play in spades. Thinking about how I can dress up the plain exterior to make it look extra cool to match it’s sound……. Any suggestions?

    • It’s a common story! People buy one one a whim or as a spare and end up loving it. I’m sure you’ve had a look at the pics on the site of how people have customised the look of their Pacificas. I tend to see other guitars eg on Pinterest and think “Wow, a Pacifica would like great finished like that!” I like ‘reliced’ guitars, too, ie ones made to look older and more battered than they are. Have a look at the stuff on here about me refinishing and relicing a Tele style Pacifica. Naturally a white guitar is a great blank slate for cosmetic changes. There are some great guitar on YouTube that people have decorated with Sharpies, for example. Thanks for visiting my site, cheers!

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